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Songs have the power to unite us in our struggles 

We all have those cultural figures we obsess over, perhaps a little too much, because we feel that they relate to us in a deep, meaningful way. If you know me well, then you know that Bob Dylan has fulfilled that role for me for much of the last seven years. However, I’m going to discuss a more recent singer-songwriter I’ve been enjoying. 

Earn more money through passive income 

Growing up, we tend to think a lot about what we want to be when we reach adulthood. Whether you wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, a teacher, an athlete or a fashion designer, our minds have always focused on the idea of working for money. While having an occupation you love and care about is a great thing, it is a good idea to consider having multiple streams of income. 

Toxic perfectionism diminishes self-esteem 

Rosemary Chesney, Campus Carrier asst. sports editor When I was in the first grade, I remember my school started the tradition of handing out medals to students who earned good grades. The rules were simple: […]

Coming into college undeclared is not a bad thing 

Katherine Harber, Campus Carrier copy editor I get several different reactions when I tell people that my major is undeclared. Most of my fellow college students tend to be understanding, and they’re often curious about […]

Our View: Choose positive content to change the news cycle 

This past weekend, celebrities, actors and actresses attended the 94th annual Academy Awards held in Hollywood, California.

Our View: Female athletes deserve respect in the media 

In honor of Women’s History Month, let’s take the opportunity to talk about something the media won’t: female athletes.

Take care of yourself to prevent creativity block 

The most isolating and frustrating experience a creative person can have is sitting down in front of a blank canvas or an empty page and nothing coming out.

Grades should not define the college experience 

As my time at Berry nears to an end, I have become very introspective on the qualities that I value the most about this campus. In turn, this has led me to some unsettling conclusions about the flaws that Berry and every other college campus has. 

Recognize video games as a medium for art 

Art. What does the word make you think of? When people think of art, they might think of historic artists, famous paintings and sculptures. Art can be found in many different avenues and through many different mediums. Video games are one of those mediums. 

Student View: Victory Lake deserves an educational boardwalk 

At one point during its existence, Victory Lake, the site we now know as a mucky wetland with nice trails and interesting Bald Cypress trees, was actually a lake.