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Western astrology can be more than an interest

Western astrology uses 12 star constellations to correspond to months on the yearly calendar to represent the astrological signs.

Our View: reconsider your travel destinations

Historic and natural sites are suffering from their popularity as tourist attractions, drawing large crowds and becoming desired destinations based on their popularity as social media hot spots.

We shouldn’t have a reason for everything we do

As someone who is so curious about anything and everything, my favorite question to ask is why.

Our View: there’s more to health than dieting

Earlier in August, Weight Watchers, now formally rebranded as WW, unveiled a new dieting app specifically designed for 8-17 year olds called Kurbo.

Everyone’s college experience is different

Some students will have a different college experience from their peers and this is completely fine.

A history of American Motors Corporation

Historical review of AMC car production, the evolution of the company and its historical significance.

Our View: vaping’s unknown dangers should warrant quitting

In the early 20th century, cigarettes were casually and recreationally used as props in television and film, advertised with no restraints and disregarded as harmful to smokers.

Don’t take your washing machine for granted

Every Sunday evening my roommate and I have the same routine of gathering all our clothes for the week and making the trek to the laundry room.

Foo Fighters have a sound for everyone to enjoy

One of the most influential bands to date began in 1994 through the collaboration of several talented artists, many of whom already belonged to other bands.