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Have conversations regarding violence towards Asian Americans 

2020 was a year that brought a lot of needed attention to different social issues. It was great to see conversations open up about certain racial bias that may lie within people or federal systems. It’s important to have these conversations, as they provide foundation for change. 

“Twilight” actors’ skills deserve more recognition 

“The Twilight Saga,” is a film series that is based on the books by Stephanie Meyer. The tale follows the love story of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen throughout five films: “Twilight,” “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” “Breaking Dawn Part I” and “Breaking Dawn Part II.” There are several references to the films that remain known in popular culture today. 

Guilty pleasures should not insinuate feeling guilty 

I’m certain you are familiar with the phrase “guilty pleasure” and it is, quite honestly, one of my least favorite phrases. For those unfamiliar with the term, it essentially describes enjoying something that others might look down upon.

Our View: Anonymity shouldn’t outweigh productivity 

In theory, and theory alone, anonymity is one of the greatest capabilities available to individuals. Authors have used pseudonyms to publish successful works that otherwise would not have been as successful if readers knew the author’s race, sexuality or gender.

“Divergent” started the downfall of the YA genre 

For a few years, there had been a swell of novels under dystopian young adult literature, but as quickly as the genre rose to power, it faded away. As someone who absolutely adored dystopian books when I got into reading, I was devastated to find less and less interesting dystopian books. 

Everyone needs to see a “Hadestown” production 

As someone who considers herself a “recovering theater kid,” I probably know way too much about musical theater. But out of the hundreds of shows I know, there’s none that I love more than “Hadestown.” The plot, direction and music all work to tell an absolutely beautiful story that I have loved for years. 

Our View: Canadian protests affect Americans too 

International politics can have a large impact on the U.S. despite the fact that they occur beyond the border. Conflict internationally, in particular, can also inhibit U.S. trade and impact the daily lives of Americans. 

Valentine’s Day is a marketing, materialistic holiday 

In less than a week, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. Associated with love, romance and occasionally friendship, the holiday immediately evokes images of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate and treats to please your loved one(s).

Ice cream is the superior dessert for all 

There are plenty of sweets on the market, all worthy competition for one another. I mean, who doesn’t love a scrumptious slice of your grandmother’s pound cake or a box-mix brownie concocted out of a 2 a.m. hunger rampage.

Our View: Recognize the benefits of differences in society 

In elementary school, your history teacher probably taught you about the concept of “the melting pot.” This concept supposedly described how immigrants assimilated into American society and created one cohesive culture.