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Our View: Canadian protests affect Americans too 

International politics can have a large impact on the U.S. despite the fact that they occur beyond the border. Conflict internationally, in particular, can also inhibit U.S. trade and impact the daily lives of Americans. 

Valentine’s Day is a marketing, materialistic holiday 

In less than a week, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. Associated with love, romance and occasionally friendship, the holiday immediately evokes images of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate and treats to please your loved one(s).

Ice cream is the superior dessert for all 

There are plenty of sweets on the market, all worthy competition for one another. I mean, who doesn’t love a scrumptious slice of your grandmother’s pound cake or a box-mix brownie concocted out of a 2 a.m. hunger rampage.

Our View: Recognize the benefits of differences in society 

In elementary school, your history teacher probably taught you about the concept of “the melting pot.” This concept supposedly described how immigrants assimilated into American society and created one cohesive culture. 

Toxic college culture pressures girls into engagements 

A few days ago, I was laying in my bed scrolling through Instagram as usual when it happened: the first of my friends got engaged, posting the shiny silver diamond on Instagram for all her followers to see.

Prepare yourself for having pets in college 

I’ve had pets my whole life. I came into this world with five dogs waiting for me at home and over the years I have coexisted with more than 25 dogs.

Our View: Talking about mental health is important 

This article mentions suicide. If you or a friend need to talk to someone now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. 

Our View: Student media has the power to create change 

Too many times, college journalists get heat for being on their newspaper staff.

Waffle House essentially has too much power 

If you are not a communications major, or did not take COM 220, Foundations of Mass Communications, just for the fun of it, then you might not know that only four companies own most of the media you consume. Yes, you read that right, four companies: AT&T, Comcast, Disney and CBS Viacom.

New forms of piracy are still dangerous 

Like many others, I am guilty of spending several hours a day on TikTok instead of doing more productive things. The other day when I was aimlessly scrolling, I saw a user live streaming “Spider-Man: No Way Home” from a Movie2k website with thousands of viewers joining in for the free movie viewing.