Category: Arts and Culture

Ryan Simmons, Filmmaker

Profile on local filmmaker Ryan Simmons.

The Artisan in Glass

A look at the work of stained-glass window maker, Chuck Offutt.

Kennedy retires after 14 years as Evans dean

Berry’s Dean of the Evan’s School for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Tom Kennedy, is stepping down from his position after the 2021 spring semester. 

Berry Bees to undergo expansion due to high demand

Spring semester may be coming to an end, but the Berry Bee student enterprise is already preparing for the Fall 2021 semester.

Graduating seniors talk about next step

Berry is nearing the end of the semester, with graduation being only two weeks away.

Choir concert features multicultural music

On Saturday, multiple Berry choirs will be performing their final concert for the semester.

Marcus Flowers vies for Greene’s Congress seat

Unlike in her first election, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who represents Rome and the rest of Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, will face opposition from the Democratic party.

Comic culture influences American media

In the last fifteen years, North America has seen a boom in superhero movies.

First-Year Mentors guide students in mending mistakes

Kevin T. Velez, Campus Carrier asst. arts & living editor Netflix’s recently released documentary “The Last Blockbuster” features the last remaining store of its former competitor, Blockbuster. The company was once the leading video rental […]

Capabilities of HackBerry grow with lab expansion

Although Berry boasts its strong historic roots through maintaining certain traditions like Mountain Day, the school that was originally founded to educate rural children is literally and physically expanding its use of innovative technology in fields of study and student life with its plan to expand HackBerry Lab, home to the creative technologies program.