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Abigail Stallings Profile

Berry College is the largest campus on the world, full of deer and academic opportunities. But it is students like Abigail Stallings who make the college–students who take advantage of the opportunities for personal and academic growth offered at Berry.

Working at BCTC

Berry College Theatre Company gives its students real life experience and work in theatre.

Jorie Hodapp has a rich history, hopeful future for her baking business

Senior women’s golf player Jorie Hodapp has been making baked goods, such as wedding cakes, cupcakes and cookies, since she was 12 years old, which ultimately led her to create her own business, Jorie Cakes.

Poetry reading draws alumni back to Berry

On Jan. 23, Sandra Meek, professor of English, rhetoric and writing was featured in a reading in the College Chapel to mark the release of her new book of poetry, “Still.”

Stars align on Berry’s campus: Astrology 101

You’ve seen the memes: Mercury is in Gatorade yet again.

Easy Baked Improv Community

Sophomore Seth Chambliss shares his experiences with the improv troupe and the community he has found there.

Noonday Prayer

Noonday prayer is sponsored by the Chaplain’s Office and is an opportunity for students to pause and pray every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon in the Krannert Student Center.

Berry TikTok-er claims fame with creativity

TikTok is currently the fastest growing social media platform, and its gamut of quirky dances, lip sync videos and relatable memes are taking over screens everywhere.

Moon Gallery showcases Holocaust art

On Jan. 13, the Moon Gallery debuted a new art exhibit called “Calamity,” with art pieces that all share the common theme of the Holocaust.

Multimedia Art Class

Unique art class at Berry makes sculptures and community projects.