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Berry Coffee Culture

How coffee enthusiasts at Berry College come together to create a community.

Participation in Music Ensembles

Personal stories of non-music majors participating in Berry music ensembles.

“Knives Out:” modern twist on mystery genre

Released this past week, “Knives Out” is a whodunit-turned-thriller movie starring Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis, and directed by Rian Johnson.

“Ford v Ferrari” is the thrill-ride of the year

“Ford v Ferrari” is a fantastic dramatic biography that takes place in 1966.

Student groups collaborate for “Holiday Wonders”

The Berry College Dance Troupe is kicking off this holiday season in Sisters Theatre with their show, “Holiday Wonders,” which features pieces choreographed by students and the company’s new lead and visiting assistant professor, Sara Pecina. 

Taking turkey off the Thanksgiving table Restricted diets necessitate non-traditional menu choices

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, those with stricter diets, whether by choice or necessity, are beginning to think of how the menu for their holiday feast will need to be altered.

Berry College Theatre Company presents award-winning drama in Sisters Theatre

Proof: a mathematical explanation that shows a statement is true using definitions, theorems and postulates; it logically explains why the given conclusions of a math problem were assumed in the first place. 

Berry Student Enterprises partner with American Cancer Society to raise awarness for men’s health

It’s November, which means the time for pumpkins, falling leaves, Thanksgiving dinner and hairy faces is upon.

Tattoos impact attitudes toward hiring on all sides

For many years, students have been told that having tattoos will lessen a prospect’s chances at landing jobs, but it seems that this may be changing.

High School Choir Festival Feature

Annual high school choir festival
held at Berry

Learn more about the annual choir festival that featured over 400 high school students.