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Berry hosts MLK “day on” on-campus this year

Although the spread of COVID-19 and the cold weather kept volunteers on campus, students and a variety of campus groups still gathered to serve the Rome and Berry communities this MLK Day.

Pickleball at Berry

Pickleball is a sport that is becoming popular at Berry College and the community has taken up the sport.

Costuming at Berry

For the Berry College Theater Department, productions are created from the ground up and costumes are made from scratch in the costume shop.

Swim and Dive team boasts largest team since 2008

The team has had to adjust in various ways to accommodate its size.

Music Department overcomes COVID challenges

Choir and orchestra face challenges while performing due to COVID.

Seth’s Spins: TAYLOR.

You asked for it – the series finale of Seth’s Spins includes an in-depth conversation centered around Taylor Swift, starring Madi Rowe (We talk about other stuff, too). Thank you for listening, everyone.

Random roommates reflect on their college experiences

The chance to opt for a random roommate is one of the unique features of college life. Every year at Berry, Residence Life works behind the scenes trying to match students as effectively as possible. Fusion interviewed junior Anna Rich and others to hear their perspectives on the college rooming process.

The Sounds of Berry College

Berry is known for all the breathtaking sights that come along with the world’s largest college campus. But Berry has something else special to offer: its sounds. From the water wheel to the roundabout, get lost in the soundscapes of some of Berry’s most recognizable locations.

Forgotten Berry History

Anyone at Berry can tell you that Berry College has an extremely rich history dating back to the beginning of the early 20th century. While most people afflicted with Berry know the basis of the history and are familiar with some historic Berry stories, several of the stories are often overlooked. However, one of these stories is about to have some light shed on it. Welcome to Forgotten Berry History.