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Lumina offers itself as both study space and premium coffee provider

Sitting just 2.1 miles away, Lumina Coffee House is growing popular among Berry students due to its proximity to campus and its study-friendly environment

The League of Morons Episode 12: Andrew Yang and AI Technology

  The Morons discuss AI Technology, its impact on the workforce as well as entrepreneur and 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s input on what policies should be put in place regarding AI Technology.

The League of Morons Episode 11: What’s up With Poetry?

Jeb reads some of his favorite poetry and discusses music with guest speaker and The League of Morons Podcast editor, Sara Arms.

Trying Our Best | No Mirror Makeup Challenge

In this episode, hosts Beth Anne DeKeizer and Katie Ott will be completing a complicated makeup look without a mirror.

Rounding Third

In the middle of one final season together, seniors Casey Whitaker and Devin Post are looking to end their baseball careers on a high note. The two have played together since middle school, and the friendship they have formed on the field and in the dugout can be traced back even before that.

Runs in the Family

C.J. Stone is the fastest man in Mount Berry. He’s got the school records to prove it.
Once upon a time, though, his mom Danette was among the fastest women in the entire world. She’s got the Olympic medals to prove it.

Washington adjusting to role as Director of Student Diversity Initiatives

Along with planning cross-cultural workshops, Chon’tel Washington has played a major role in coordinating two new student organizations

League of Morons Episode 10: The Berry Spires

The Morons discuss the Berry Spires as well as their college experience.

Trying Our Best | DIY Challenge

In this episode, Beth Anne DeKeizer will be explaining to Katie Ott how to make a DIY chandelier.

Gone Streakin’

The Berry women’s basketball team is in the midst of a magical seven game winning streak, their longest such stretch since 2006. Left for dead after starting the season 4-11 (0-4 in conference), the Vikings are now suddenly one of the hottest teams in the South.