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The 2020 Freshman Experience: Mental Health

In the final installment of our series on the 2020 Freshman Experience, we asked Berry students and staff about the affects of COVID-19 restrictions on mental health this year.

Viking Fusion 2020 Election Poll Results

From September to November, Viking Fusion conducted a polling campaign to learn more about the Berry community’s engagement with the 2020 presidential election.

Seth’s Spins: The Beach Boys

For Season 2’s finale, Noah Isherwood joins to discuss The Beach Boys’ legacy.

Trying Our Best: Tie Dying

Shelby and Zoe attempt tie dying both the traditional way, and with bleach.

The 2020 Freshman Experience: Events

Freshman year is a pivotal time in the lives of college students, but this transition looks different in 2020 due to COVID-19. In the second installment of our series on the Freshman Experience, we take a look at how COVID-conscious event programming has changed the experience for first year college students.

The Senseless Consensus: Brian Williams

Phillip and Matt interview Brian “Mr. Berry” Williams. Phillip gives legal advice, and famous stuntman Jack Son Hair Ma crashes the show.

Students protest during Berry’s 2020 Mountain Day

Students called for a Chief Diversity Officer at Berry College during the school’s 2020 Mountain Day festivities, which ran throughout the week of October 4 through October 10.

Our View: Respect the election results regardless of your opinion

This past Tuesday was the presidential election. In close races, voters quickly become very passionate and opinionated as the results come in. This election is no different. Prior to the election, President Donald Trump stated […]

COVID-19 testing labs open on college campuses

Emily Reid, Campus Carrier reporter Many universities across the country are opening COVID-19 testing labs on their college campuses.  Schools like Mercer University in Macon, Ga. have opened a testing sites on campus with the […]

Administration to begin another round of COVID-19 testing

Asa Daniels, Campus Carrier staff writer On Nov. 17, 18 and 19, Berry will do another round of testing before students leave for the winter break, Debbie Heida, according to Chief of Staff. The testing […]