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BCTC, teaching skills for the future

Students learn skills working with Berry College Theater that will help them in the future.

Interactive Cyber Theater

Berry Theater students performed Berry’s first Interactive Cyber Theater during the spring semester.

Delzer Woodworks

Director of Forensics, Matt Delzer, turns woodworking hobby into a business.

Ryan Simmons, Filmmaker

Profile on local filmmaker Ryan Simmons.

2021 Viking Fusion High School Film Festival

Presentation of this year’s finalists for Viking Fusion’s High School Film Festival.

Just Doing Their Jobs?

Hypocrisy in reactions to protests in sports

Equestrian Team continues to thrive despite COVID

Berry’s equestrian team adapts to changes in routine cause by the coronavirus.

Bursting the Bubble: Looking back on the year

Tasha and Orlin look back on the first year of Bursting the Bubble and introduce the new hosts for next year.

Trying Our Best | 5th Grade Graduation

In the season finale, Zoe and Shelby celebrate graduation by doing crafts that 5th graders would do!

Football during COVID

Berry’s football team had to adapt to changes brought about COVID restrictions.