Printed books can never be replaced by screens

I am a bibliophile in every sense of the word.

Viking Fusion shifts focus with high school film festival

Viking Fusion will host its High School Film Festival on Friday at 7 p.m. in the McAllister Auditorium.

Field Day Invitational brings campus competition

The Berry Track and Field team is hosting their 4th annual Berry Field Day Invitational meet Friday and Saturday.

From Graduation to Graduate School: Six Seniors Share Plans

Elisabeth Martin, Campus Carrier Features Editor Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor   Elizabeth Holman Ross University of Veterinary Medicine “I am going to Ross University Vet School. It’s got different programs, so it’s […]

Rufus Massey retires after a 25-year career at Berry

Rufus Massey, pioneer of KCAB and dean of student work, will retire on June 30 at the end of a 25-year career.

Bubble Banter: Sex Education

Sex education is extremely important. Schools and organizations should teach not only safe sex practices and the importance of consent, but also the importance of being mentally and emotionally ready to share such an intimate […]

Streaming is the new cable: student streaming on the rise

Television and movie streaming services are now the top-earning entertainment platforms of the millennial generation.

Memorial Library offers video game rentals for community

The Berry College Memorial Library introduced a new feature this fall allowing students and faculty to check out video games and consoles just as they would books.

Our View: Sex education needs to be more comprehensive

In a society constantly confronted with the harsh realities of sexual assault, we need to be more proactive on the matter.

User safety is a communal effort

Hearing of the passing of the young University of South Carolina student, my fears and disappointment of our society were only solidified.