Trying Our Best: Dorm Decor

Shelby and Zoe paint some records and make moodboards for dorm decorations!

Groups outside of sports affected by season cancellations

Before the semester began, Berry took several precautions to prevent an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, including suspending all fall sports competitions.

Berry LGBTQ+ student athletes share their experiences

Three LGBTQ+ student athletes decided to share their experiences at Berry.

Students deal with homesickness during their college careers

Homesickness is a common phenomenon for college students, especially among first year students.

Incarcerated people deserve human rights

In the United States there are two words that go hand-in-hand: “prisons” and “overcrowding.”

Our View: Voting is a privilege and a right

Politics and voting can be intimidating and daunting.

Health center urges students to get flu shot

The Ladd Center has been preparing for flu season since February, before the reality of COVID-19 set in.

Berry receives results of campus-wide testing

Two weeks ago, Berry began testing students, faculty and staff for COVID-19.

Berry theatre students collaborate to film new play

Last week, the Berry College Theatre Company (BCTC) streamed its production of Tartuffe online to the Berry community.

Students protest at Mountain Day activities for change

On Oct. 5, the President’s Office released the Week 8 Update email, which included an update on Berry’s investigation of social media posts made by an employee in the Office of Residence Life on Sept. 13.