Our View: Take sexual assault education at Berry seriously

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). As explained by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, SAAM was officially adopted by the federal government in 2001 and aims to expand education related to sexual assault […]

Latin is a useful language, not a dead one

“Latin is a dead language, dead as dead can be, first it killed the Romans, now it’s killing me.”

Explore the outdoors in the springtime weather

My nose is runny, and I have sneezed about ten times today.

Comic culture influences American media

In the last fifteen years, North America has seen a boom in superhero movies.

Women’s softball maintains winning streak

The Berry women’s softball team is on a six-game winning streak following their most recent competitions against Rhodes College and Millsaps College.

Virtual option offered for Symposium due to COVID-19

The annual Berry Symposium on Student Scholarship will take place on Tuesday.

Students work on autobiography project with Spires Residents

The final semester project for associate professor of English Jim Watkins’ RHW 102 course this year involves each student pairing up with an individual Spires resident to author a brief biography on the resident’s behalf.

First-Year Mentors guide students in mending mistakes

Kevin T. Velez, Campus Carrier asst. arts & living editor Netflix’s recently released documentary “The Last Blockbuster” features the last remaining store of its former competitor, Blockbuster. The company was once the leading video rental […]

Track and field set to host Berry Field Day Invitational

Berry’s track and field team is set to host its annual Berry Field Day Invitational this weekend, the team’s final event before the Southern Athletic Association (SAA) championships later this month.

Speech and Behavior Subcommittee begins revising Berry speech policy, Part Two: the context of free speech at colleges and universities

Berry’s Culture of Belonging Policies Related to Free Speech committee is attempting to balance the importance and values of free speech in an academic environment while creating a welcoming and comfortable space for students to share ideas.