Rome “Scores” big with La Guardia’s return

Hannah Carroll, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

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Ana La Guardia’s Scores Sports Bar and Grill is open and awaiting consumers of food and televised sports. Photos by Alex Hodges | Campus Carrier

After a brief pause in her culinary career, Ana La Guardia has made her much anticipated return to restaurant ownership in Rome with her new restaurant, Scores Sports Bar and Grill.

La Guardia started her profession in Rome in 1984 when she opened several chia shops before establishing a deli and bar in the mid ‘90s. She brought to the community a fresh take of sandwiches and wraps with an Italian, Spanish and Cuban twist. With her fresh and locally grown ingredients, she built not only sandwiches but personal relationships with her customers.

“Every customer is very special to me,” La Guardia said.

She believes that it is the people of Rome who have made her job so enjoyable.

La Guardia’s restaurants remained successful and she became a culinary icon, but after experiencing some personal troubles and wanting a change, she decided to close her locations in 2014. According to La Guardia, she catered in her spare time, but she wasn’t happy being away from cooking and serving her customers and decided to look back into opening another restaurant in 2016.

“My love is through food,” she said.

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The walls of Scores are covered in sports apparel and memorabilia from local and state teams.

Her newest restaurant, Scores, came about through this love and passion.

Scores, a bar and grill catered to lovers of sports and going out with friends, officially opened on Thursday, in perfect timing for Labor Day Weekend. The weekend was a success with a combination of new and old faces coming to try the food that people have been raving about since she began in ‘84. La Guardia believes that this success will continue and Scores will be able to thrive in the community.

Having been involved with Berry College’s faculty and students in the past, La Guardia would like to continue this trend with the opening of Scores. Discounts will be given to those who present student IDs and specials will vary day to day. La Guardia also mentioned that domestic draft beer will begin being served on Sept. 17. With combining these elements with her interesting rendition of deli food, La Guardia hopes to cultivate the same close relationship and bond she had with the Berry community so many years ago. La Guardia did not say the percentage of discount that will be offered.

Scores Sports Bar and Grill is located at 1850 Redmond Circle and is open Monday- Thursday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. With a space that boasts a multisports theme featuring many collegiate and professional teams, friends and family can watch sports while enjoying a diverse arrangement of food.

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