From Freshmen to Seniors: A Dorm Evolution

Elisabeth Martin, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor



Freshman year is all about adjusting to life away from home and living without parents. This usually involves bringing mass amounts of items from home like hair products, blankets, pillows or an entire computer system. Learning the ropes of small dorms and cramped spaces is the price of being a college student and an essential skill that comes with time. These photos show how two freshmen on campus arranged and decorated their rooms.

Both Grace Griska and Sydney Muñoz are freshmen and the choices they made regarding decorating their first dorms include posters, a refrigerator, saucer chairs and dry-erase boards.



Sophomore Nick Muñoz said that maximizing the space in his room was top priority this year. Muñoz said he lived in a small room last year and after that experience, he wanted to enjoy the spaciousness.

“Freshman year, you think that you are living on your own so you think you have to bring a lot, especially if you are far away from home,” Muñoz said.

Muñoz said that he learned from that mistake. This year he brought only the essential items including a water boiler, and focused on a space that friends could relax in.



By junior year, students are used to the process of moving in and some have different ideas about how they want their rooms to be.

Junior Eddie Antunez said that compared to his freshman year, his room is more reflective of his personality.

“My room is a lot more colorful and there are a lot more decorations that make me happy and represent who I am as an individual,” Antunez said. “Freshman year, I didn’t have any decorations or a theme. This stuff makes me feel a lot more at home.”

Junior Carlye Camp opted for minimal decorations that would create a clean and relaxed look.



Some seniors have changed their style drastically since their very first semester.

When thinking back to her freshman year, senior Giuliana Fernandez said she would have done things differently if given the opportunity to do things over again.

“My freshman year, everything had to be color coordinated and I bought the most expensive things from Target,” Fernandez said. “I realized that sometimes, the most expensive things aren’t actually high quality. Since then, I’ve gotten really into going to antique stores, Goodwill, garage sales and doing a lot of DIY projects. I painted my own bookshelf. I try not to spend more than $20 on anything.”

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