Cupcakes to connect Berry community on Mountain Day

Kelsee Brady, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

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Berry President’s office staff share cupcakes with President Stephen R. Briggs. The Alumni Center’s new iniative “Cupcakes for Martha” encourages celebration of Martha Berry’s birthday through sharing cupcakes on social media.

With Mountain Day approaching, campus is preparing for the many traditions to honor Martha Berry’s birthday. This year, the Alumni Center is starting a new tradition called Cupcakes for Martha. Lindsey Taylor, dean of students, shared the inspiration behind the project.

“It’s the idea of raise a cupcake for Martha, and it’s something that (the Alumni Center is) trying to do to engage people even if they can’t come to Mountain Day,” Dean Taylor said.

Jennifer Schaknowski, director of alumni development, fostered the cupcake idea, and has been the driving force behind the preparation for the project. In the weeks leading up to Mountain Day, Schaknowski has been promoting the event on social media using the hashtag #CupcakesForMartha.

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Alumni Tom (55A) and Martha (55A, 59C) Bowen join the initiative. Photos courtesy of Berry Alumni Center.

Wherever anyone may be on Mountain Day, they are able to participate by taking their own selfie with a cupcake. This way, even those unable to attend the event can celebrate in spirit. A cupcake tent will be set up. Schaknowski explained how to get in on the fun.

“Students can get a cupcake for free, but (they) have to post a selfie,” Schaknowski said.

If a student or guest does not have any social media accounts, the Alumni Center will be more than happy to post a picture for them.

1,000 cupcakes will be provided by Cupcakes Around the Corner, a local food truck business, at the Mountain Day Celebration. Half of the cupcakes will be vanilla, and the other half will be chocolate.

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Alumni Thomas Clarke (10C), Adam Newton (07C), Aaron Chastain (15C), Kile Williams (17C) and Nick O’Connor (18C) bring their cupcakes to work at Aon Hewitt Investment.


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