‘Berry Memes’ establishes reputation

Alex Hodges, Campus Carrier Arts & Living Editor

A meme-oriented Instagram account titled “berrycmemes” was created earlier this semester, and gained a significant following within days of its creation. According to the page’s anonymous creators, the hope and aim in making the page was and is to brighten the days of their followers.

The idea originated from shared Berry-related jokes between friends.

the reason I made an instagram account
The recently created “Berry Memes” Instagram page provides followers with a variety of Berry-inspired memes. As well as creating their own, administrators of the account encourage students to submit their original memes to be published on the page. Images courtesy of Berry Memes.

“We figured that other people would probably find them funny and that others probably had jokes way funnier than ours,” an administrator of the memes page said over Instagram direct message.

The account grew in popularity exponentially and almost overnight.

“We really didn’t think it would take off like this,” an administrator added.

The popularity of “berrycmemes” isn’t just among students. President Steve Briggs said that he first learned about the account at a fireside chat with students, and that he and other staff members recently discussed the account at a staff coffee hour.

“They’ve done a nice job of being funny, clever and tasteful.” Briggs said “We appreciate the blend that they’ve struck.”

According to the account’s administrators, followers are quite active. They reported having received many comments, as well as an abundance of new content, especially when there are upcoming events or funny things that have happened around campus.

Many people have questioned the identity of the account’s administrators, but they have chosen to remain anonymous.

“We feel like people might be more inclined to send their memes to someone anonymous,” an account administrator said.

Whether or not the maintained anonymity effectively correlates with yielding new content, the account administration frequently make posts to the account. The page shows numerous posts contributed by various berry students. Sophomore Logan Lilla is one such student.

“I think it’s hilarious,” said Lilla. “They are very good at monitoring the page, and nothing that anyone would find offensive ends up there.”

Lilla has a few contributions to the account, as do several other students.

According to an administrator, students have listed “berrycmemes” as answers to polls on whiteboards in the Berry College Memorial Library, and they enjoyed seeing their influence in that way.

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