Purchase with a purpose

Bri Greyling, Campus Carrier Copy Editor

I would walk 500 miles in Patagonia, and I would walk 500 more.

The Proclaimers sang something similar to this in “I’m going to be (500 miles)” in 1988 and props to you for knowing that. If not that’s okay, because even though most of my friends and I were not even a thought in our parents’ mind in 1988; it’s still a classic.

In our closets and messy drawers that we try to keep clean but never it happens, we all have our favorite T-shirt, pullover, pair of pants or hat that makes a bad day – better. All of these items have a prioritized clean section in my closet for having nothing more to them than being Patagonia.

Yeah, The North Face and other top outdoor brands are cool, but Patagonia is gold. Their clothes are made from certified organic cotton and they reduced their factory locations from 98 to 48 to keep strong relationships with everyone that makes the clothes, according to Outdoor Experience. I’m all about that organic life and keeping the wildlife wild.

Patagonia is that brand that makes me want to become a better person all year round. Not only do I look good, I feel good. I don’t feel confident because I’m wearing a high-quality brand, I’m confident because I am wearing a brand that cares about me, the environment and encourages me to be pushing my limits.

Instead of blabbing about how great they are to convince you to buy their products, Patagonia has been encouraging us to connect with environmental action groups for over 40 years. All you do is give a city you would like to connect with and Patagonia will give you main threats affecting that area ranging from: biodiversity, climate, land, water and more.

What may appear to be just a typical outdoorsy T-shirt is actually a product that is saving endangered species, clearing toxic waste from the environment and preserving rivers. Wear that proudly! Buy that proudly! Any clothing line that does this, save that pay check and treat yourself.

Patagonia strives to align its corporate values with those of its customers, and customers reward this social consciousness with their continued loyalty. Millennials pave the way in expectations of and actions for a responsible business, according to the 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study: Consumers Want Brands That Share Their Values and Beliefs.

Consumers want social and environmental issues advocated through products. The most important aspect of Patagonia’s values is that they are not all about the money. The company is not addressing these issues just for advertising purposes, which is where other corporations fall short. Patagonia is genuine, authentic and found locally at Blue Sky on Broad St.

Lastly, I want to give a personal shout out to the “cookies” on my phone that pick up on my internet searches, leading to the constantly advertised Patagonia sales, leaving my wallet barren and my closet full.

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