Why the cold doesn’t bother me

Miranda Smith, Campus Carrier Sports Editor

I love winter. I hate summer. Many people would be angry at this statement, due to the lack of snow this week and the freezing cold early mornings. I love walking out of my dorm and feeling the cold wind on my skin and seeing my cold breath in front of me.

I love the winter for many reasons, one being what is happening around the season that makes it exciting and something to look forwards to. For instance, I’m a huge hockey fan and love the snow (if it ever snowed where I lived).

Yes, the summer can be nice and warm, and you can lay out in the sun. However, too much sun can lead to exhaustion, heatstroke or sunburn. When you’re outside in the cold, you can do anything outside and feel like you never broke a sweat.

In the summer, you’re also very limited to options for clothes. Some people are dressing accordingly to prevent sunburn, or some are going to dress in clothes they don’t mind sweating in, because in a matter of a couple minutes of being outside, your clothes are ruined.

But in the winter, you can wear endless combinations of clothes and still feel and look your best. The summer is hot regardless, and winter is cold regardless. In the summer, you can only take clothes off or wear very minimal clothing to prevent ruining clothes from sweat, but in the winter, you can layer up as much as you want and still be content.

Sickness also plays a role in the deciding factor. Dry skin and colds are usually associated with the winter season, whereas the summer is known for more such as sunburn, fever, sweat, heat exhaustion, and humidity to mess with every part of the body. Dry skin versus sweaty and oily skin is not a competition and the heat also makes it feel like pounds have been added to your frame. The only option to escape the heat and humidity is a fan, while in the winter there’s warm blankets and coats to keep bundled up.

Christmas break and summer break are the big breaks from school that give students a breather from academics. Summer break is usually associated with summer jobs and preparation for the following academic year; however, winter break is seen more as a break of relaxation or spending time with family. Yes, summer break is longer than winter break, but it all depends on how that time is used.

The tie-breaker would be the bugs. The summer is filled with mosquitoes or bees, or just any insect that flies in your face where you have to swat it away. No gnats and ants all around you in the winter to bother you. Whether sunburn or windburn is the most current problem of someone’s day, just know the cold isn’t all bad.

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