Spill the tea: a professor’s guide to student lingo

commentary by Alana George, Campus Carrier Asst. Arts & Living Editor

College students say weird things. From inside jokes from classes and scholarship programs, to different Internet memes, our vocabulary is vast, and can be confusing to those not in the know. In search of clarity, many of our own Berry professors have submitted words or phrases they have heard their students say, but that they do not understand. The responses were varied and, in some cases, hilarious. One submission said, “A student said they ‘yeeted’ my syllabus, does that mean they studied it closely?” Another said, “Evidently I throw quite a bit of shade without realizing it.” Another said, “I had a student when I would answer her question or at the end of class would say ‘solid.’ To me it’s a state of matter.” I (along with the help of Urban Dictionary) defined the submissions we received and provided examples to show each term’s proper usage. The result is a somewhat comprehensive dictionary that professors can to refer to when they hear a student say something odd, and that students can use when a friend says something they don’t understand. This is not an exhaustive list of lingo; there are probably some terms used in certain classes or clubs that I have never heard. However, we hope that this compilation is helpful to any professor who desires to be more “woke.”

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