Bubble Banter: Climate Change

As a Christian who tends to vote moderately, I have a hard time understanding those who turn a blind eye towards climate change to further the views of their political party. I think so many people dismiss it as an issue because the “liberal media” and the Democratic Party perpetuate the issue. At the end of the day, whether you’re on the right or the left, we need to take care of the environment and recognize the reality of climate change. It’s our responsibility as humans to be stewards of the earth we’ve been given.
Hannah Hardwell, junior

My hometown of Montgomery has its fair share of skeptics, but as years of indifference continue, the effects of climate change are palpable. Rome was nearly destroyed by flooding in January, and yet I still hear people dismiss bizarre weather patterns as unrelated to a larger shift in Earth’s climate. I don’t like to be pessimistic, but if we don’t address the issue soon with solidarity and precision, the issue could be more than inconvenient—it could be lethal.
Jacob Pritchett, sophomore

Climate change is not something that we have the right to believe in or not. Humans are drastically altering the climate and the results of inaction will be devastating. Climate change has to stop being seen as a party issue in politics and start being seen for what it is: a real-life scientific problem that affects all of us. Education is key. Educate yourself on the facts of what is happening and work to create positive change. We only have one planet. Let’s start respecting it.
Amanda Tomlinson, junior

believe that although (climate change) is a growing concern for many citizens of earth, acting as if passing a single bill or law change will solve the issue is unrealistic and deters those who don’t believe in climate change. I am a firm believer that we are making better decisions to prevent this calamity than those before us, and that it will just take time to adjust our industrialized world to fit these new standards. Climate change is real, and it sucks. But we have to adjust at a pace that is feasible given our current technological setting.
Davis Murphy, junior

[Climate change] is real and it’s really unfortunate that our government doesn’t see a problem with it. I hope that through the climate strikes that they will listen to a bunch of students and change some things. This is our future planet and we must take care of her!
Katie Malcolm, junior

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