From Graduation to Graduate School: Six Seniors Share Plans

Elisabeth Martin, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor


Elizabeth Holman
Ross University of Veterinary Medicine

flower gleam and glow let your power shine“I am going to Ross University Vet School. It’s got different programs, so it’s big, but it doesn’t feel big. It’s a lot like Berry, except it’s on an island (St. Kitts). I start on September 2, but I have a week of orientation before then, so I’ll fly down in late August. We’ll focus on small animals first and then move into more large animal stuff. The school has about 12 thousand students. You don’t see all of those people because there are different campuses. The vet school campus is small and it doesn’t look like Berry, but it feels like it because you can walk everywhere and it’s closed off to the public. I know two vets from back home and I have worked with them and they both graduated from Ross, and so I like how they practice. I like how compassionate they are about their job and the animals they work on. It’s kind of an advanced program. Vet school is usually four years, but down there it’s two years and four months on the island and then you transfer in. There are 22 schools that are partnered with Ross in the United States and there are a few more outside. You do one year at one of those schools you choose. It’s really cool because you get done about eight months faster than you normally would and you get to practice before everyone else.” – Senior Elizabeth Holman


Mary Rowland
University of Alabama

sonoko or something“I was accepted and have decided to attend the University of Alabama. I was accepted into their master’s program and I’ll be focusing on cellular and molecular biology. I will also be studying cardiac disease. I chose Alabama because they are an R1 university, which is the highest class type of research university. They have the funding and the facilities for top-notch research and when I visited there, the faculty was awesome and super sweet so it really felt like a family there. It is a two-year program, but I plan to get a PhD in the long run. I’m graduating Berry in three years, so I haven’t really had a lot of time to look into my interests, personally, so first I am going to start out with master’s just to kind of see if that’s exactly what I want to research in the long run. I definitely want to be a professor at a university. I want to lead my own research in a lab and share with others how much I love biology and one day help cure human diseases.” – Senior Mary Rowland


alberta canadaAlberto Castillo
Brenau University

“I’m going to Brenau’s clinical counseling psychology program. It’s a two year master’s program and I start in the summer. Basically, for the first year, I’ll be learning the basics of counseling, and for the second year, it’s pretty much all practicum hours where I would actually be counseling people alongside a licensed professional. The end goal is to earn my LPC certification or go to more postgrad and achieve a doctorate degree in psychology. The dream is to do applied clinical psychology: either counseling or evaluations.” – Senior Alberto Castillo


Momo Abdellatif
Marquette University

appa“I will be attending law school at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I will be pursuing their sports law certification. Marquette is home to the National Sports Law Institute and it is the top-ranked sports law program in the country. I will begin the program in August. It is a three-year program.With my law degree, I plan to pursue a career in intercollegiate athletics. Within the law, there are a number of opportunities to better assist student athletes, institutions, and communities that I would love to explore. I’ve worked for all four years in the athletic department where I have had exposure to the inner workings of the NCAA and college athletics. In this position, I’ve also worked with some of the best coaches and administrators in the NCAA Division III and I’m confident that this time in the Berry Athletic Office will have prepared me well to pursue a career in sports law.”- Senior Momo Abdellatif


Brittni Hoover
University of South Carolina

hoover dam“I am attending The University of South Carolina and I will be getting my Master of Science in Athletic Training. I was also offered a fellowship position with my program offer. During the mornings I will be in class and then in the afternoons, I will be at different clinical rotations. My last semester I will have the option to be an athletic training student at another institution or I can stay at USC and work with their athletic teams. I was one of eight people accepted to USC’s MSAT program. I want to work with college athletics. I would love to work at the Division I level, specifically with either football or swimming and diving, but I am also open to different clinical options, which is something that I will explore and be given the opportunity to learn more about. I was made aware of the profession of Athletic Training when I injured my shoulder during swim practice and ended up getting surgery my freshman year at Berry. It led to me spending tons of time in the athletic training room and I was surrounded by some of the best people I’ve met in my entire life. I had always wanted to be in a profession that worked with athletes and injuries, but I had no idea what athletic training was until I was injured.” – Senior Brittni Hoover


Olivia Grey
University of South Florida

the picture of dorian grey“I’m going to the University of South Florida to get my Master of Science in applied behavioral analysis, which is a therapy kind of technique that can be applied in a lot of ways, but it is typically used to help kids with autism. It’s a two year program, and I start in August. The end goal would be to start working at a center after I graduate with my master’s and eventually open my own center. Berry has a four-course sequence in ABA that I was able to take while I was in undergrad, and I was also able to do three internships while I was at Berry that were all in the field of applied behavioral analysis.” – Senior Olivia Grey

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