Bubble Banter: What should new Berry students know?

Chicken nuggets are the best food at D-Hall.
Colby Francis, junior

Budget your Flex Bucks.
Kim Lance, senior

Procrastinating is a devil in disguise.
Jordan Stallings, junior

Don’t expect to have it all figured out. College is a pivotal time of growth. Allow yourself to experience things.
Evan Davis, junior

Residence Life is not out to get you.
Timothy Wooley, senior

Don’t ride your bike on the grass. Unforeseen ditches can be deadly.
Nicole Harris (19c)

Make use of the Java City drink cards.
Anjali Reddy, senior

Don’t go home all the time, no matter how much you’ll miss it. You’ll miss Berry one day too.
Brooke Cobb, senior

Get involved and try new things!
Maey Dominey, senior

Maintaining your mental health is super important to success! Take care of yourself.
Shannon Rainey, junior

Start a journal and write down all meaningful moments. College is over before you know it.
Jeb Blount, senior

Study outside more.
Josh Baker (19c)

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