Everyone’s college experience is different

Josh Mabry, Campus Carrier sports editor

Some students will have a different college experience from their peers and this is completely fine. For example, some students decide to start their college experience differently from other students.

Growing up thinking about college, everyone has a certain image that comes to mind. This image typically includes a four-year residential college that is not located anywhere close to their home. Some people expect students to start at a college like this. However, when it is time to go to college, it is typical to see people decide to stay closer to home. It is even normal to see people start at a two-year college.

This was the case for me. When I graduated high school, I had absolutely no desire to go anywhere that was not close to home. I started at Georgia Highlands College (GHC), a mostly two-year college.

While I love Berry and am super happy to be here now, I cannot say enough good things about my decision to start at GHC. It allowed me to get a taste of the college experience without going straight to a traditional college setting like Berry. It also allowed me to get my core classes out of the way and helped me save a lot of money.

In addition to this, someone might not have the same college experience if they are not involved in as many organizations and do not participate in as many activities as their peers.

There is nothing wrong with this.

I personally have chosen to limit myself to organizations and activities at Berry that will further my career.

Although there are certainly other clubs that sound interesting to me, I do not think it is worth participating in these if they add extra stress to my life, especially if the club is not something that is going to help me with my future endeavors.

This is rare, especially for Berry students who tend to be involved in everything on campus.

It can be easy to feel like you are not involved in enough. However, just remember that being involved in too many things is unhealthy.

All of this is to say, everyone has a different college experience. There is no way that everyone’s college experience will be the same. Enjoy the moment and make your college experience unique.

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