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I have never thought there was anything special about myself. I have never dedicated my free time to learn a special skill such as sewing, needle point, painting, soap-making or even candle-stick-making. I have never had a natural talent that I discovered one day that changed my life. Instead, I have been content watching TV shows in my free time and lying comfortably in a warm bed. 

As a result, I have always dreaded the question, “What is your special/hidden talent?” As the question would circle around the classroom during my freshmen year when my SOAR leader made everyone introduce themselves, I counted down the heads until it would be my turn. Do I lie to seem interesting? Do I pick something ordinary and phrase it like a joke? Or do I just reply with that there is nothing extraordinary about myself? 

Since no one wants to hear that my talent is being able to binge-watch two seasons worth of episodes in about two days, I have always just replied that I do not have one. However, I do think that watching 48 episodes at 40 minutes each in two days is a skill. 

As a junior, it has been two years since I have been asked that question; however, it is always in the back of my mind. I want something to brag about if asked, even if it is something minor. Personally, I have always wanted something about myself to stand out and be different when compared to other people (even if that does sound terribly narcissistic). 

It was when I was talking to a friend that I realized I did not have to look hard. I was telling her how I never have to set an alarm, I always wake up on time. For example, if I have to wake up at 5 a.m. all I have to do before I go to bed is think about waking up at that time and I will. Whether caused by anxiety or pure will-power, arriving late to a class or event has never been a problem for me. 

So, while I was explaining that I just do not need an alarm, disbelief began to spread across her face. Apparently, what I had been doing my entire life was not normal. Being able to wake up exactly 20 minutes before I need to leave my house and drive to campus was weird. Especially for a college student. 

Something I found mundane and aggravating was something my friend found spectacular and unusual. Something as simple as waking up whenever I wanted to was so easy, and it had never occurred to me that other people could not do it also. 

This interaction made me realize that hidden talents may even be hidden to the person it belongs to. Something that you have lived with your entire life can seem mundane and a part of everyday life because it has always been a part of you. If you do not have a special or hidden talent, it is only because you have not found it yet. 

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