S.A.V.E. hosts Eco Fair for the second year in a row

Mya Sedwick, Campus Carrier staff writer

This weekend, S.A.V.E. hosted the second annual Eco Fair. On Saturday, the Krannert Ballroom was filled with student groups, like TheBerryFarms Season’s Harvest, and Rome vendors. Gabby Agan | Campus Carrier

Students Against Violating the Earth (S.A.V.E) hosted the Eco Fair on Feb. 8 for the second year in a row. Each year the fair has a different theme. Last year, the date of the fair coincided with the New Year, so the theme was tied to making resolutions about protecting the earth. This year, since the fair was held the weekend before Valentine’s Day, the theme was “Love Your Planet.” 

The goal of the Eco Fair is to showcase how students are able to live an eco-conscious lifestyle on campus. While the fair is nice exposure for the various groups who set up booths, each group in attendance is there for a much greater purpose than to promote themselves, they all wished to bring awareness to the general population. 

“I think it is really cool for people to get access to these resources whether that’s tips to be more eco-friendly or different organizations they can get involved in,” junior Amy Borton said. 

Joining a group like S.A.V.E. or Green Team is a way for students to feel like they are contributing to a more eco-friendly society. The fair is a way for students to not only become more aware about their impact on the planet, but realize how they can help minimize that impact. The Green Team focuses on sustainability in dorm rooms, educating students mostly on what is and is not recyclable. 

This year, president of S.A.V.E., senior Margaret Iva Ashton opted to invite vendors to attend the fair. By doing this, the fair became much more community oriented. Each of the vendors was local, the furthest travelling from Atlanta. One vendor, Elder Moon Botanicals, is based out of Rome, though the shop itself is an online shop. Owner Courtney Paige attended the fair because she felt that it was a nice way for people to find local resources to help them lead a sustainable life. Paige, an herbalist and educator, works with people to help them connect to herbs and plants as a form of healing. Her business is one of many that was showcased at the fair this year and showed attendees how to better love and connect with their planet. 

The fair focused on expanding knowledge regarding environmentally friendly resources and companies at Berry and the broader Rome community. Gabby Agan | Campus Carrier

The turn out for this year’s fair was definitely larger than last year’s, Ashton having approximated about 130 attendees. 

“This year, we cast a much wider net and that definitely showed in our increase in attendance,” Ashton said. 

This number was attributed to the increased advertisement done this year. Whereas last year there were a few emails sent out to the students and staff, this year the event was advertised at the Berry elementary and middle school, as well as around Rome. Since advertisement was geared towards the community and likely to draw in a younger crowd, S.A.V.E. included more participatory activities, such as a bingo sheet where attendees could go around to the various tables and find the answers to the questions in each bingo square. Once the bingo squares were completed, participants could take their sheet to a table up front and collect their prize, a reusable straw. 

While the fair went on without much trouble, Ashton did have to deal with unpredictable weather and vendors travelling from places close to Atlanta. Since she will be graduating next December, before the next fair, Ashton is trying her best to prepare the members of S.A.V.E. for her absence, as she does not want the event to leave when she does. 


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