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Today, I’m here to step on toes. Sept. 10, 1941. This is when Forrest E. Mars dropped the classic candy we all know, M&M’s. It wasn’t long until everyone was jacking his style with his innovative candy-coated chocolate. The official M&M’s website even says that M&M’s had reached such a height of popularity that Mars had to start stamping each individual candy with the signature “M” to, and I quote, “distinguish the real M&M’s from inferior imitators.” M&M’s were at the top of their game, going on to release products we know and love like Peanut M&M’s and M&M Fruit Chews, which eventually turned into the one and only Starburst. M&M’s soared to even higher heights when they were nominated to be the first candy in space. What could be a greater honor, than to be hailed as “The Official Candy of the New Millenium,” (MM is actually the Roman Numeral for 2000). Without a doubt, the tale of this chocolate candy is so enthralling that it may be deserving of an epic akin to that of Homer’s “Odyssey.” 

But who could have predicted that the M&M’s company could go even higher and break the glass ceiling once again? While M&M’s were releasing their signature product, murmurs behind the company doors were growing louder. It was 1997 when M&M’s went absolutely crazy and dropped Mini M&M’s, changing the chocolate candy game forever. This, right here, is the most powerful chocolate candy of all time. Let me elaborate. 

Unlike all those other wimpy chocolate candies that are placed in a feeble plastic wrap, these bad boys are put inside a special M&M’s candy capsule. Undoubtedly, the M&M’s company had the foresight that their new candy was simply far too powerful to put in a standard candy wrapper, so they sealed it inside of a state-of-the-art sealing device. But what makes these Mini M&M’s so powerful? The way that the Mini M&M’s calculate the perfect ratio of chocolate and that candy coating is so precise that you would think that they have a math equation for it. The crunch of those little chocolate M&M’s is more satisfying than any chocolate candy will ever give you, including Kit-Kats. I personally don’t even care for actual M&M’s, but if you give me Mini M&M’s, then you may just have made yourself an ally. Why? Because the Mini M&M’s irresistible lure brings out that innate desire in all of us: to chew on aquarium gravel. 

So when you go to your local grocery store, or even your nearest gas station, and you’re looking for a little candy to get you through those long nights when you’re studying for your midterm, go on ahead and treat yourself. Get yourself a delicious capsule of Mini M&M’s, the minimum amount of chocolate needed in order to have the maximum amount of fun. 

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