Michaela Lumpert, Campus Carrier news editor

On Jan. 21, administration notified faculty and staff that there is a possibility that they have the opportunity to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. While the email did not state when it will become available to faculty and staff, it did state that they are working to provide the Moderna vaccine within the next month. Administration has not yet released further details, but they asked faculty and staff to notify Wayne Phipps, director of human resources, of their decision on whether or not they would like to receive the vaccine.

The Carrier will continue to monitor the situation and provide campus with updates both on social media and in print. 

Administration also notified students on Jan. 28 that they will continue to frequently test students and faculty on campus. They are continuing the study with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from last semester by using rapid tests with random PCR tests to test the accuracy of the rapid test. 

Administration stated that they are working to provide COVID-19 antibody testing to students. Students can submit their request for antibody test online through the email sent to students students by the Presidents Office on Tuesday. The test will require a blood sample and results will be emailed to the student. 

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