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Movies at Mount Berry allows customers to pre-reserve tickets or rent an auditorium to watch a movie in a group. Erika Becerra | Campus Carrier

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to limit access to services in a variety of sectors, movie theaters have been some of the hardest categories of business to have operations limited. According to the Harvard Business Review, movie theaters, on both the chain and local level, have lost significant amounts of money. With filming delays leading to release delays, options to premiere films on streaming services like HBO Max and the simple fact that people are unable to attend in-person movie screenings, the movie theater industry has lost a significant amount of money. 

To counteract this, as well as to allow people the opportunity to see movies again, theaters across the United States have begun to offer limited and socially distant movie screenings for individuals and small groups. AMC Theaters is an example of a major theater company actively doing this. According to their website, customers can rent an auditorium for anywhere from one to 20 people, costing $99 to premiere old movies and $149 for new releases. These capacity limits allow for social distancing, adequate cleaning and other safety precautions. 

As explained by the Rome News-Tribune, both Movies at Mount Berry Square and Rome Cinema theaters will not be fully reopening, however, Mount Berry Square has opened its doors for limited screenings. The theater offers a few select films, and does offer public attendance, but requires pre-registration and has a limited capacity. 

Customers are able to create bookings to accomadate groups and/or individuals in the same way theaters like AMC are, and for $150 a group can reserve an auditorium, as well as pay for a small soda and popcorn for each person attending the event. Bookings can be done through the RomeMovies website. 

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