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Berry’s KCAB has organized events for major holidays every year. This Valentine’s Day weekend, they organized Gals and Pals for the Berry community, including games, food, and crafts. 

Junior and elementary education major, Jasmine Little, ran this specific KCAB event. There were many stations at the event, including things for friends, singles and couples alike. 

“We had axe throwing, but we called it ex throwing because we felt like it went with the theme,” Little said. “We had where you could make your own valentine, for yourself or for someone else. So, we had stuffed animals and candy and gum and all those kinds of things. We also had cookie decorating, and they were all valentines themed so like hearts, and flowers, and love and lips and all that. We had a make-your-own bouquet which was fake flowers and a jar, and we had candy at the bottom.” 

There were games at the event, one of which was human bingo. 

“We had a human bingo going on for people to get to know each other at the event,” Little said. “Whoever completed got to be put in a raffle to win a prize. We also had a newlywed game that you could play with your friends to see how well you guys know each other and the winning teams got to win a prize for that.” 

The event also included food and sweets, and featured a photo station where one could pose in front of numerous Valentine’s Day themed backdrops. 

“We had a photo area that had Valentine back drops and one of them was like a date night with two chairs and a table so people could take pictures,” Little said. “We had Polaroid cameras for that. Other than that we had a lot of food and candy. We had pizza, Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits and hot chocolate.” 

In the decision-making process of the event, the KCAB team took many factors into consideration, including what male attendees would be interested in and what singles would like. 

“First, we just wanted to think of the people who did not have a valentine,” Little said. “Because those are the people who are most likely going to show up since it was valentines’ weekend. And we always try to think of what guys would want to do.” 

On top of focusing on what male and single attendees would like to do, getting those attending the event to talk to one another was also important. 

“We just thought about things a lot of people like to do and what would make it fun for you and your friends,” Little said. “But, also, we threw in the human bingo game to get people to talk to other people, to know other people across campus. We also had, on our tables, get to know you questions that you could ask your friends and just like conversation starters also just to get people to talk and have a good time.” 

The axe throwing was a popular station, according to Little. KCAB has had an axe throwing station at past events, and it has always been a popular activity. 

“It was really good,” Little said. “This was our second time having it and people really enjoyed it and it’s really fun because two people can do it at the same time so you can compete with your friends.” 

KCAB has upcoming events such as a St. Patricks event March 13 and March Madness on March 19. 

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