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Imagine your typical Tuesday at Berry. Maybe you wake up early to exercise before your 9:00 a.m. class, or maybe you sleep-in until 8:30 a.m. and rush to your class. 

Regardless of your approach for getting ready for that 9 a.m. class, in your mind you most likely plan your outfit. Whether you are rummaging through your closet or already laid out the specific clothes you plan to wear, odds are the outfit you picked does not match the idea in your head. But you are running late, and class starts soon, what do you do?

The answer is clear – put a flannel on. 

Flannels have surpassed every other casual clothing options in terms of functionality, comfort, tone setting and creative outlets. Flannels are a form of fashion that have lasted decades and only have the future to look forward to. 

Flannels are the new hoodies, and you can almost never go wrong adding a flannel to your everyday casual outfit. A flannel is a permanent layer of protection that comforts you as you wear it. Much like a hoodie, a flannel will drastically change your outfit and revolutionize the energy you emit. 

Back in our youth, most of us threw on a hoodie in the morning and continued with our day learning about the Pythagorean Theorem and watching “Super Size Me” in health class. I love a good hoodie, but add a flannel to that hoodie, and your entire demeanor changes. 

Gone are those days of our youth. We are older now and do adult tasks, like applying to jobs and paying taxes. We need a collective outfit to represent how mature we are now. Flannels not only add a sense of collectiveness to an outfit, but they also serve a functional purpose to our comfort. 

Last week it snowed, and this week the weather is in the high sixties. The weather at Berry can range from cold to warm in an instant. To prevent dressing warmly in the morning and regretting the decision by mid-afternoon with the rising temperatures, remove that jacket and add a flannel. Flannels add a layer in the morning, and the sleeves roll up for you to soak in the breeze come noon. 

Wearing a flannel can be very comfortable, and I find it sets a good tone for how I present myself. On top of its added comfort, tone setting ability and functionality, flannels insert a sense of creativity into my life. 

With an arsenal of flannels, I can mix what undershirts work best for which specific flannel and determine which combinations will result in the best comfort depending on the weather. For example, a short-sleeve shirt and flannel work on a warm day, but not on a windy day. 

Wearing a flannel is almost a science, but there is artistic beauty in flannels. 

Like snowflakes, flannels are unique. The flannel you decide to wear reflects yourself and highlights your individuality. Do you wear an oversized flannel? Does the flannel have a pocket? Is the flannel a dark color? These questions showcase the individuality of flannels that adds a sense of creativity to your wardrobe. Many unique and affordable flannels are discovered thrifting, go to your local thrift store or donation store, and see what you can discover. Perhaps there is a perfect flannel waiting for you. 

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