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In years past, the Miss Berry competition was traditionally hosted at the Ford auditorium. Since it is virtual this year, the winners will be named at the after-party in the Krannert lobby on Friday. Photo courtesy of Maddie Fox.

This year, the Miss Berry competition has been transformed into a week-long virtual competition that allows contestants to meet with the judges, three female faculty members, via Zoom and submit videos for the competition’s three main categories: introduction, talent and question. 

Although the competition looks different this year, KCAB president, junior, Maggie Owen said the contestants will still be judged on their ability to represent the college’s motto: “Head, Heart and Hands”

“I’d say, especially since they can do these [videos] from the comfort of wherever they have to be, it’s really I think made it a little bit more flexible,” Owen said. “Maybe the only restriction I can say is that we asked them to keep the video to three minutes long.”

During the week, KCAB will be providing the campus with information about the contestants, so that by the time the winner is announced, the student body knows more about them.

“From this week, particularly, there’s going to be a lot of stuff on our social media that we’re going to do,” Owen said. “A lot of stuff on Instagram, so we’re going to showcase these participants and talk about their major and their interests and what they love about Berry; things of that nature.”

Owen said the competition began on Monday and will end on Friday where the winner will be announced at the Miss Berry after-party from 8 to 10 p.m. in the Krannert lobby.

At the after-party, KCAB plans to present a compilation of the contestants’ submission videos, expected to be about 10 minutes, to showcase everyone. 

First, second and third place will be announced at 9 p.m. Each winner will receive a bouquet of flowers, and the first-place winner will also receive a cash prize of $250. 

In years past, the Miss Berry competition was traditionally hosted at the Ford auditorium. Since it is virtual this year, the winners will be named at the after-party in the Krannert lobby on Friday. Photo courtesy of Maddie Fox.

After the announcement, junior Jasmine Little, KCAB’s vice president of outreach said any party-goers can then hang out with the winners. Since Little is also participating in this year’s competition, she will be amongst the competitors.

“It will just be kind of a hang out with all of the contestants,” Little said.

Little said the reasoning behind the after-party is primarily due to COVID-19 and low attendance in previous years. She said that since everything will be happening behind the scenes, the after-party will be to “make more of an event out of it.” 

Little mentioned that since she is also competing, one behind the scene moment that she personally enjoyed was the interview portion because she was asked multiple questions.

“I feel like what I can do best is talk about myself,” Little said. “I think it was easier because in the past of Miss Berry, you only got asked one question.”

For this reason, Little thinks the judges are able to get to know the competitors a bit more since there were about five or six individual questions. 

Even though the competition looks different this year, 2019 Miss Berry winner, senior, Maddie Fox reminisces on what she considers to be the best part of the competition when she competed in her freshman year.

Fox mentioned that the talent portion of the competition is always a great opportunity for the contestants to showcase diverse talents. In 2019, Fox sang a number from the musical “Anastasia” while other contestants danced, performed a monologue and played the piano. 

“Just being able to showcase unique talents and things that we don’t always get to do in our everyday lives,” Fox said. “I don’t get to sing a lot anymore, since I’m here, so getting to do that again I think is good for everyone. I love seeing what people can do that they don’t talk about.”

2019 Miss Berry winner, senior, Maddie Fox participated in the competition her freshmen year. As she looks back at her first-place win, Fox said she is interested to see how KCAB adapts the 2021 Miss Berry competition to COVID-19. Photo courtesy of Maddie Fox.

While Miss Berry is a place for students to be themselves and revel in their passions, it is also an event that requires courage to stand up in front of their peers and showcase their talents and opinions. Fox hopes that the upcoming contestants are able to gain a new sense of confidence in themselves since getting on stage can be intimidating. 

According to KCAB Instagram’s @kcabatberry, the contestants include seniors Alana George and Ivy Collins, juniors Jasmine Little, Claudia Evans, Emily Keller and Mya Sedwick, and sophomores Emma Clare Wells, Shelby Chopson and Dylan Swan. 

“Once you can find the confidence within yourself to know that, no matter what you do, like, you’re enough,” Fox said. “You can do it, and to appreciate what makes you unique.”

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