Megan Duncan, Campus Carrier photo editor

We should be able to read a book for fun. When was the last time you picked up or bought a book just because you thought you would enjoy it? I get that we are college students. We have class, work, scholarships, clubs and relationships to keep up with. But I wish we had more time to just read a book that we want to read, not one that was assigned to us. 

I don’t know how many times I have seen a book that I think I would really enjoy and I always end up telling myself, “you don’t have time to read that” or “maybe when your schedule gets less hectic,” but it never does. As college students, we are expected to do so much reading about to the topics we are learning, but to me, once I have been told I have to read it, I become less interested. It would be nice to just sit down and read a long fictional book about some nonsense characters and storylines that would never happen in real life. That is the dream. 

Reading for entertainment relieves stress, alleviates depression and aids sleep. All of these are things that college students struggle with. Maybe if we had more time to read books that we actually enjoy, we wouldn’t have such an issue with these things. Rarely do I get assigned a book for a class that I am just ecstatic to read. I want to be able to dive into a character’s world and be absorbed with their feelings. There is nothing like the feeling of finishing a book. Needing to know what happens in the next three pages can keep me up all night. Pages turn into chapters, and then before you know it, you’re at the end of the book. After that, you have the feeling of missing the characters and wishing that you could read that book for the first time over and over. 

I tell myself that when I have a slow week I’ll read a little of a new book that I have, but a slow week never comes. There is always more homework, more readings and more meetings. I just want to be able to read a book for fun again. We shouldn’t have to feel like we have to choose between something that causes us stress and something that relieves our stress. If professors gave us less academic books to read, then maybe we would have more time to read books that we find enjoyable. Maybe even they could pick up a good book and enjoy it themselves. 

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