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My nose is runny, and I have sneezed about ten times today. These are clear signs to me that spring is finally here. Although I admire winter, I do not prefer walking to class while its snowing. With spring arriving, now is the best time to go outside. Enjoying the weather is a great way to relax and destress. The only stresses outside are the buzzing bees that violate any form of personal space. 

Despite the initial rain showers and polarizing temperature, this spring weather arrives with an inviting essence. Berry hosts many opportunities that give students the ability to enjoy the outside amenities of its beautiful campus. Intramural sports are a great way to enjoy the weather and enable your competitive side. I favor intramural softball because it is a great way to relax and enjoy the company of other people. Intramural sports allow you to meet other people and enjoy sports that you maybe played in high school or never tried. 

Another great opportunity Berry has to enjoy the spring weather is the dining accommodations outside of Krannert. Although I normally avoid it, eating outside is a great way to enjoy friends and appreciate the atmosphere on campus. I avoid eating outside only because I like the convenience of going back to dining hall for a second or third helping. Eating under the tent outside of dining hall is an experience of its own. With the noise of the waterfall fountain splashing at the bottom of the collection pool, and the sounds of nature that seem to follow your conversations, the tent is a great place to enjoy the beautiful weather and remain in the shade. The lights under the tent set an ambiance at night that is unparalleled. 

Of course, with such beautiful weather, any student who has time should consider a quick retreat to Mountain Campus. Berry’s Mountain Campus is littered with beauty and great activities. The ponds seem to attract many main campus students, most likely because of a notorious goose that likes to chase students. I tend to ignore the goose when I go to Mountain and rather shift my focus to the trails situated there. I enjoy walking and riding my mountain bike on the trails on Mountain Campus because I love being surrounded by the tall pine trees and echoing birds. Atop Mountain Campus is also large grass fields that are great for stargazing and throwing around a baseball or kicking a soccer ball. 

Viking Trail is also a great place to enjoy nature in a beautiful scenery. The trail allows comfort with passing students and a gage on the length you walk. Although, some students may want to check what time they begin their walk, because Viking Trail gets very dark at night. The trail has emergency telephones situated throughout its path, but I still advise walking the trail in a group. 

I toured Berry in the winter last year, so I was unable to see how students here take time to enjoy the outdoors. This opportunity allowed me to find different ways of my own to enjoy the beauty of Berry, like hiking the trails, and finding people who enjoy the same outdoor activities as me. Let the spring be a beacon to any student who has not fully enjoyed or appreciated Berry’s campus through its outdoor activities. There is an activity here for anyone willing to participate. 

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