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Berry College is home to 27,000 acres of fields, forests and bodies of water. With all this space, there are many recreational things one should do before they graduate. 

According to senior Gabby Agan, one place students need to go before graduating is the haunted Mountain Springs Church on Mountain Campus. The small, abandoned church is about a mile walk from the parking lot of Frost Chapel and Agan says it is a must see before one graduates.

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“It’s just a really cool, unique experience that you can’t necessarily get other places,” Agan said. “I’ve always gone at night, and it’s been so fun because it’s not something I could really do anywhere else and I was able to get to know some people I was hiking out there with. It’s just a really fun memory to look back on some day when you got to just go night hiking to a creepy church in the middle of the woods.” 

Todd Timberlake, professor of physics and astronomy, holds Star Parties every year. There is an astronomy tower, Pew Observatory, located on Mountain Campus, along the road to Possum Trot, and students are allowed to come by and look at the stars. According to senior Marshall Lynch, for how easy and convenient it is, everyone should participate. 

“Berry is situated in a great part of the country to watch stars from, and we even have a specific observatory spot,” Lynch said. “With how easy it is to just go down Possum Trot road for free you’d be missing out to not go to at least one star party.”

Moon is home to the art department. At any given time, the building will be filled with a variety of art, ranging from paintings to sculptures. According to senior Kyle Sullivan, Moon is an essential part of Berry and everyone should experience it before they graduate.

“Moon building is home to the art majors and in it hosts many galleries,” Sullivan said. “Each are really fun to see and a great place to relax. If you’re looking for a CE credit, they even host the artist of these galleries on their opening nights. You get to hear them talk about their pieces of art and their processes. It’s a really cool place to enjoy, but also you learn a lot from it.”

Sophia Coon | Campus Carrier

Rome is also home to numerous small businesses that are dependent on college students. According to senior Maddie Fox, the best way to spend one’s time at Berry is to get involved in Rome and contribute to the community.

“Getting plugged into the Rome community especially by supporting a lot of the small businesses is something that’s really fun and enriching to do,” Fox said. “It’s just really great for the Rome community because a lot of businesses depend on business from college students. So being there to support those small businesses are important.” 

According to Fox, there are many businesses to support in the Rome area. 

“Mine are mostly the restaurants because I love food,” Fox said. “Swift and Finch, Lumina coffee, Dougs Deli, Harvest Moon, Blossom Hill, Aventine. Even the Between the Rivers Farmers Market has a lot of local farmers and artisans every other Saturday in the fall.”

There are many things to do on Berry’s campus; some honorable mentions are climbing the Old Mill and hiking to the Reservoir and House of Dreams. Berry is known for its sprawling acreage and beautiful campus, but it doesn’t stop there. Get involved on campus and in the Rome community. There is much to see and do before students graduate from Berry, have fun and support local businesses. 

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