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In 1901, the distinct, tasty chocolate treat of Milka was first sold in Switzerland. You may know the product by its unique lilac-colored packaging and lilac colored cow mascot. The chocolate is not, at least in my experience, commonly seen in the United States, but it is a household treat throughout Europe. 

Going back further in history, Philippe Suchard, a Swiss chocolatier, began selling a handmade dessert which was called “chocolat fin de sa fabrique” in 1825. In the 1890’s, milk was added to his chocolate. This chocolate would eventually become Milka. 

The name, Milka, comes from the combination of the chocolate’s two main ingredients: milch (milk) and kakao (cocoa). These two are combined in Milka to create a soft, chewy chocolate, which has led to the brand’s chief advertising theme being one word: tenderness. 

Indeed, the chocolate is very tender, a soft, creamy delight on any night or day of the year. While the brand does feature a number of special varieties, from Oreo fillings, almonds, hazelnuts and even raspberries, the best of these is the tried-and-true milk chocolate. 

The dark chocolate variation does provide a tasty, even stronger treat, but that is only because it adds further cocoa to an already perfect chocolate bar. If perfection is to be limited in only the most simple and basic formation of a food, then the original Milka wins all the awards. 

Now, I understand that there are many, many different brands of chocolate out there, all with their own unique tastes which make one want to put it upon the platter of gold to serve to all. However, Milka always stands a step above the competition – there is no other chocolate which has the same softness of a Milka bar.

The taste of Hershey’s chocolate? You can find that same chocolate in Reese’s Pieces – just that peanut butter has been added. M&Ms are a classic, of course, but their chocolate is ultimately just a tiny version of normal chocolate found in a Hershey’s bar. And while I love Kit Kats, they too have the same basic chocolate, with the addition of a wafer within to provide that distinguishable snap. 

It is only Milka which provides one a tasty chocolate that does not have any familiar counterpart. There is literally no chocolate which tastes the same or comes even close to the tenderness of the classic Milka bar. One can even see the uniqueness of the Milka chocolate as it comes out of the wrapper: it is among the lightest-colored chocolate bars on the market, a stark contrast to its darker peers. 

And so, for more than 100 years, the world has been blessed with the existence of Milka, its markets reaching globally. If you yourself have not had the pleasure to enjoy a Milka chocolate bar, please, consider buying one online or looking for stores nearby that sell it. It is a treat you simply cannot miss out on. 

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