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If you are on Instagram, you might have noticed that there is a new anonymous Berry meme account on the scene: @berry_affirmations. With 952 followers, almost half of the student population, the account has grown by leaps and bounds since beginning in early October. 

The Berry Affirmations page publishes content that is relatable to all students, such as late-night CookOut runs, the new music feature of the Dining Hall and rationing one’s Flex Bucks. According to the account administrator, if one person is experiencing something on Berry’s campus, then someone else is likely going through the same thing. 

“If you have like an issue that needs to be addressed, I think it’s just fun to put it out there because I’m sure other people are like also having that same issue,” the account administrator said. 

Hannah Stuart, Berry’s social media and marketing specialist and alumna (‘09C), said that meme accounts give students the chance to post an inside joke, and to commiserate with one another about things that annoy them. She also acknowledges that students begin to find their voice in college and determine how they can make their voices heard, and accounts such as this make that possible. 

“Often, they are a way for students to feel like they’re making themselves heard,” Stuart said. 

Stuart is also impressed with the creativity that goes into the account. 

“Our students are legitimately very funny and witty, and a lot of the things on the Berry Affirmations account are things that feel relatable from when I was a student at Berry—especially the one about making it to cultural events,” Stuart said. 

Junior Emily Morrell started following Berry Affirmations after they began following her. Morrell said that the account brings her happiness with each post. 

“I enjoy the account because it’s like positive in a goofy way,” Morrell said. “It’s kind of all the things we jokingly complain about.” 

Morrell can relate to many of the posts, such as the one encouraging students to attend their 8 a.m. class. However, the post she relates to the most is the one regarding random roommate assignments. Morrell said that she was incredibly lucky that her random roommate has become her best friend. 

“I joke that she’s my best friend soul mate,” Morrell said. 

Berry Affirmations’s administrator did not plan to start the account. According to the administrator, the account’s creation randomly occurred after finding multiple other affirmation accounts from other schools such as UGA, KSU and Georgia State. According to the account administrator, because Berry did not have an affirmations account they took it upon themselves to create one. 

The account administrator has a list of different affirmations on their phone, but they know that the list will not last forever. People quickly began direct messaging (DM) Berry Affirmations with affirmation suggestions. According to the administrator, the first half of the account’s posts were their ideas, but as people began sending in ideas, if they were funny, the account administrator took the suggestion. The administrator was appreciative for the suggested affirmations. 

“If people could keep DM-ing me stuff, that would be great,” the account administrator said. 

As Berry Affirmations continues to grow, the creator has considered what will happen to the account once they leave. 

“If the account is still doing well, then I would definitely like hand it done to a like freshman or a sophomore and still keep it anonymous because I think that’s the fun of it,” the account administrator said. 

Stuart has noticed that other, non-Berry related, meme accounts often become cruel and punch down specific people, and she hopes that Berry Affirmations and other future accounts will steer away from that. She is interested to see how the page progresses. 

“I do look forward to seeing what new things they’ve come up with,” Stuart said. 

For now, the account administrator believes the account is thriving and encourages more people to follow along and enjoy the community. 

“Thank you to everybody for following it,” the account administrator said. 

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