Taylor Corley, editor-in-chief

This is my last issue working as Editor-in-Chief for the Campus Carrier. Even after two years as Editor-in-Chief and three years on staff, I’ll go ahead and clarify that yes, journalism is my passion. 

When I was in high school I wanted to be on the yearbook staff. Ever since I saw the “Guide to: Yearbook and Career Week” episode of “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” I just knew it was my calling. But everything changed when my teacher told me I had a knack for storytelling and a natural talent for writing. 

Now, that’s how I wish I could tell the story, but it wouldn’t be true. My journalism teacher in high school really did say those things, but it didn’t convince me to join the newspaper. No, what convinced me was that she told me the guy I liked at the time was also going to be on the newspaper staff. Needless to say, my love-struck sophomore self was registered for the newspaper by the end of the day. 

Regardless, I ended up finding a true and genuine passion for journalism on my own. I have a deep rooted need to simply tell stories, stories of all types. I also firmly believe that all people have a right to information. It gives me nothing but great pleasure to be a part of the effort to bring them the facts they deserve to know. 

But journalists are a dying breed, and it’s hard to have such passion for something you feel like you can only explain to a few, select other people. I’ll admit, I’d strayed away from majoring in journalism out of fear that I would never get a job after I graduated. But, after taking Senior Seminar last semester, researching graduate schools and telling myself for four years that I would never get a degree in journalism, I find myself about to graduate wanting nothing more than to have a masters degree in seeking the truth. 

All of this to say, the Carrier has been one of the only things keeping me at Berry. It has brought me so much joy over the past three years, being my safe haven. It gave me confidence in myself and in abilities that I never knew I needed. It offered me solace, support and outlets in ways that I’m not sure I could find any other place on campus. 

That goes for the communication department as well. Yes, I am a communications major. Yes, I love to write and tell other people’s stories. Yes, I literally talk all the time. But I find myself more times than not feeling like my stories fall on deaf ears. 

However, I can say with full confidence, the people I have met through the communication program at Berry have never made me feel that way; they have shown me unwavering love and support that I thought I would only ever get from my mom. 

People always told me, growing up, that you’re supposed to find your sense of purpose in college. I think by purpose they meant career. I truly believe the concept of having one specific purpose in life is too broad to conceptualize. But for now, that’s what I’ll call the Carrier – my purpose at Berry at least. And for that, I cannot say thank you enough. 

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