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The Student Activities Center has now been redefined with a new name and director. Now known as the Office of Student Involvement, director David Eller has settled into his new role and hopes to garner new relationships with students. 

Aside from the obvious adjustments, some changes will be occurring in the fundamental structure of the Office of Student Involvement. 

“[We are focusing on] finding ways to bring in new fresh ideas and new opinions and outlooks on things and making sure the students are involved in that as well, so [finding what they] want to see in their time here at Berry,” Eller said.

Instead of only being thought of as a means for clubs and events, the Office of Student Involvement is shifting its focus to students’ help and feedback. 

“We want students involved, that’s one of the reasons the name changed, we do have a lot of activities in the department but there is more to involvement than just going to a fun program,” Eller said.

With these changes, there also comes paperwork and a need for organization. 

“I think David brings a lot of energy, he is very system and process oriented which is going to be very helpful as we start to dig into some of these things that have been long standing practices as well as policies, so it’s good to have fresh thinking,” Lindsey Taylor, vice president of student affairs said said. 

The Office of Student Involvement has also taken into foremost importance the need for clarity and simplicity. Currently some changes may be made on Presence, a student portal, to aid in student ease. 

“We want to make it where if you are walking into the Office, it’s either clarifying points or you want to make sure you have done something correctly and its not to ask the starting point question. We want to put information in your hands in a convenient way,” Lindsey Taylor, vice president of student affairs said. 

Students will be able to seek answers on their own without having to do complex investigations and needing to speak to multiple people. But if students seek additional guidance, they are welcome to go to the Office of Student Involvement. 

“This office is going to become a safe space for students so if you don’t have an answer to something we are more than willing to help find an answer,” Eller said.

Since this position was previously held for 20 years, there is a need for adjustment and learning. 

“It’s going to be important for me to reach out to students and student organizations to see what they have loved in the past that they want to see and if there are any new ideas they would like to throw out there,“ Eller said.

Ultimately, the main goal of the Office of Student Involvement is now student familiarity and the creation of a close Berry community.

“One of my top priorities as the director in this position is making sure students can find a place here at Berry to call home,” Eller said.

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