Berry needs a marching band on game days

Alyssa Elmore, Campus Carrier photographer

I never realized how much I would miss my high school’s marching band until I came to Berry. Don’t get me wrong, having a drum line is fantastic and our Vikettes do an amazing job at filling the halftime role at football games. But nothing beats being able to watch a marching show at halftime or being able to dance along to stand tunes at a sporting event. 

Although I have never been in a marching band before, I’ve been a musician almost my whole life, playing piano at home and viola in the school orchestra. Music has always been very important to me, but only recently has it been so influential. The majority of my senior year of high school was spent with the marching band, not as a musician, but as their photographer. I got to travel everywhere with them and hear music from bands all across the state of Georgia. All kinds of sizes and talent levels and each one fascinated me. I attended my first drum corps international (DCI) competition in Atlanta this summer, and it skyrocketed my appreciation for marching bands. It piqued my interest in marching band and band instruments themselves. Upon transferring to Berry in August, I was devastated to realize that we had lacked something that had previously brought me so much joy. 

Marching bands come in many different sizes. We do not need a huge population of musicians in order to form a decent band. Plus, a marching band doesn’t only involve musicians, but dancers as well. I believe that the Vikettes would serve as an amazing color guard! Musicians and dancers aren’t the only ones involved; a marching band has an impact on the entire school, strengthening school spirit and encouraging involvement in school sports. There are plenty of effects a marching band has on a college and its students. For one, being in marching band not only teaches great musical skills, but also builds discipline and leadership skills. Just like clubs at Berry, marching band would provide a creative outlet and a resource for lifelong friendships and memories. Berry would also become more competitive with other schools and their marching bands, and possibly attend competitions. A marching band makes Berry all the more appealing for people like me. Who knows, having a marching band could be a deciding factor in choosing a college for some people. 

It’s important to briefly mention that the general benefits of music on humans are endless as well. For instance, the effect of music, specifically faster paced music, on athletes often makes them more motivated and ready to perform better. According to a study outlined in a Nation Center for Health Research article, music leads athletes to higher levels of endurance, strength and productivity. I’m sure that lots of athletes around campus would agree that having a band in the stands during games brings the energy level up every time! 

If all the musicians and aspiring musicians of Berry come together, maybe we can make the ‘Marching Vikings’ a reality. And if someone could volunteer to teach the orchestra girl how to march, then I’m all in too!

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