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New director of The Spires arrives on campus

At the beginning of September, Berry hired Laurie Steber as the executive director for The Spires.

Servicing the Rome Area: Local Auto Repair Shops

There are many auto repair shops available in Rome where a person can take their car when it is experiencing problems.

Tattoos impact attitudes toward hiring on all sides

For many years, students have been told that having tattoos will lessen a prospect’s chances at landing jobs, but it seems that this may be changing.

Gomez and West make triumphant returns to music scene

I’m not usually one to skip the season of Thanksgiving and talk about Christmas right after Halloween, but I must say that Christmas came early this year seeing as two of the greatest artists in the music industry, Kanye West and Selena Gomez, released new music last month. 

Learn to balance stress with rest

Students are some of the busiest people in the world, especially here at Berry.

Be aware of the global impact of fashion

I am a firm believer that your dollar is your vote.

Programming issues change registration times

This week, Berry students began course registration for the spring.

Faculty documentary highlights environmental issues

On Wednesday night, an environmental documentary called “The Natural State of America” was shown at Berry as a cultural event.

Students assist military in Lyme disease research study

For the past two years, Berry has partnered with Fort Campbell military base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky to study different tick species in the area.

LifeWorks creates new student development goals

Recently, Berry’s on-campus work program has undergone some changes, including changing the name to the LifeWorks Program.