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Listening to audiobooks is a valid way to read

The merits of audiobooks versus physical books is a debate that has plagued the bookish community since the invention of audiobooks in 1932. The debate has grown as the popularity of audiobooks has increased, with […]

Technology is killing the art of conversation

Summer Le, Campus Carrier digital media editor As I continue living in a fast-paced society where primary communication occurs online, I feel like I have traded quality conversations for quantity nowadays. Do not get me […]

Political tensions continue to escalate outside of Berry bubble

With the midterm elections taking place on Nov. 8, many students and faculty have political issues on their minds.

Good Neighbor Challenge promotes radical empathy

In an effort to promote a culture of belonging and acceptance on campus, the Office of the President and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion are introducing the Good Neighbor Challenge.

Calls to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline increase

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has been faced with a massive increase in call volume following the introduction of 988, a new three-digit number that connects callers across the United States to the lifeline, in July.

Rehearsals for ‘Holiday Wonders’ begin

Berry College Dance Company (BCDC) recently began rehearsals for their winter show, ‘Holiday Wonders.’ The show features choreography by Sara Pecina, the director of the dance department at Berry, and seven BCDC students. 

Golf teams confident after first tourneys of season

Vikings golfers on both the men’s and women’s teams started the new year with season previews this month and have high hopes of post-season national appearances this school year.

Athletes Bettering the Community encourages volunteering

Athletes Bettering the Community (ABC), one of the clubs here on Berry’s campus, strives to improve and impact the environment around them.

Concert Los Valientes unveiled themes of social justice

Rosemary Chesney, arts and living editor On Thursday Sept. 15, Core Ensemble presented Los Valientes by Jose Cruz Gonzalez, a chamber music theatre production featuring a solo actor, David Perez-Ribada. Perez-Ribada played three Hispanic historical figures. Despite […]

Peer Wellness Coaches: Your New Best Friend

Reese Chatman, Campus Carrier features editor As the school year finally comes into full swing, so do the homework pile-up, exams and range of negative emotions as a result of those things. However, one does […]