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Cleaning up social media: a two-way street

Anna Rinaggio, Campus Carrier asst. arts and living editor Social media plays a big role in today’s society. From Instagram to LinkedIn, there are tons of platforms available for anyone to use. In recent years, […]

To mask or not to mask?

In this week’s features issue, the Carrier is seeking to take a glimpse into both sides of the mask debate and find any sort of common ground.

Rowing crew and ultimate frisbee teams welcome new year

Berry’s Rowing Crew and Ultimate Frisbee teams are starting back up with the beginning of the semester.

Normal seasons possible with current COVID-19 protocols

Vikings sports teams are enjoying an almost pre-pandemic atmosphere of normality when it comes to COVID-19 regulations this year.

Hackberry lab offers opportunities for Berry community

The Creative Technology (CRT) department opened a new Hackberry lab building last March. This lab is not only open to creative technology students but also to any student for academic or personal use.

JUUL settles lawsuit over predatory marketing practices

Electronic cigarette manufacturer Juul has recently settled a lawsuit following an investigation into its marketing practices, agreeing to pay out over $400 million to 34 states, including Arizona, Louisiana and Washington.

Berry events return to their pre-COVID state

Since Berry made the decision to reduce its COVID-19 precautions, many on-campus events that had been suspended or modified during the 2020 and 2021 school years have returned. 

Hustle culture does not allow students to build a sustainable life, enough rest does

Katherine Harper, Campus Carrier copy editor As a slightly overcommitted Berry student, I often get quite excited whenever I have an open spot in my schedule. Frequently, I try to reserve these to actively do […]

You are never too old to ask for assisstance

There is a stigma around asking for help, and this stigma has infiltrated college environments everywhere. After all, college is the first time the vast majority of students are away from home for the first […]

Flooding in Pakistan signaling dangers of climate change

Eight weeks of flooding in Pakistan have left one-third of the country underwater, 32 million citizens displaced and has limited access to clean water.