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Recent Berry alumni reflect on post-grad life during COVID-19

After having their senior year cut short due to the pandemic, many recent Berry graduates have had to readjust their post-graduate plans.

President Briggs addresses student concerns at town hall meeting

President Steve Briggs spoke to the Berry community Tuesday night at the SGA’s town hall meeting.

SDI to start conversations about social issues

The Berry Student Diversity Initiative (SDI) has created Community Conversations, a series of discussion-based events for students to discuss topics such as how to be an ally and intersectional feminism.

Berry students, faculty respond to election results

On Nov. 7, four days after Election Day 2020, major media platforms projected that former Vice President Joe Biden had earned 284 electoral votes, effectively predicting him to be the 46th President of the United States.

Berry receives new grant for BRAVE program

For the next three years, Berry will be host to a new federally- funded grant project called Berry Reducing Assault and Violence through Education (BRAVE).

Intramural sports foster activity engagement during pandemic

Berry administration has worked throughout the semester to ensure that student activities remain as normal as possible despite the ongoing global pandemic.

National and Georgia votes continue to be tallied

This Tuesday was Election Day, and in a vote counting process drawn out by changing federal and state policies deriving from the COVID-19 pandemic, results for the next president of the United States are still in question.

Don’t blame yourself for who the pandemic has made you

This semester has by far made up the worst months of my life.

Recognize your privilege, focus on others during the election

It feels like a million years ago when I watched Donald Trump’s inauguration in my senior year art history class in January of 2017.

Celebrate Friendsgivng on Nov. 7 with CSA, food and crafts available

With Thanksgiving coming up, it is a time for us to remind one another what we are grateful for and reflect on the small victories we have faced this year with, despite the pandemic, social and political unrest and the other difficulties 2020 has dealt us.