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Berry football program sharing in Mason Kinsey’s success

Mason Kinsey made Berry history on April 25, becoming the first Viking ever to sign with a NFL team when he joined the Tennessee Titans as a free agent.

Visiting art professor displays “bodyscapes” in Moon

This past Monday, Alex Kraft, director of the ceramics program at the University of North Georgia, visited campus to give a lecture about her work and inspirations, entitled “Function and Flora in Flux.”

Regularly cleaning masks can aid in facial hygiene

Like any new addition to one’s life, face masks can take some time to get adjusted to.

NCAA set to grant student athletes ability to profit off of likeness

The question of student athletes making money has been a hot topic in college sports for many years.

U.S. officials consider ban of popular creator app, TikTok

TikTok, an app that has quickly captivated Gen Z, has been on the receiving end of scrutiny from the White House administration.

CPPD implements new app for easier access to job portal

The Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) recently launched Handshake, a career management platform.

Krannert becomes temporary educational space due to COVID-19

Krannert has undergone numerous changes since last semester.

Athlete protests should not be condemned

When athletes boycotted their games a few weeks ago to protest systemic racism in the United States, many were quick to condemn them, claiming sports should be politics-free.

Ring, ring, social media is calling!

It’s no secret that I am desperately trying to become a journalist.

Our View: Mental health must be a top priority

Suicide sneaks up on people. It creeps in the back door of someone’s mind and slowly consumes their thoughts. It overtakes the beautiful minds of unique people like a weed until the unthinkable happens.  The […]