Category: Georgia v Foster

Georgia v. Foster: Episode 5

In 2022, prosecutors offer a take-it-or-leave-it deal to Foster’s attorneys. Now, Foster faces a critical choice: Should he strike a deal and spend the rest of his life in prison? Or, will he take his case to trial and risk another death sentence?

Georgia v. Foster: Episode 4

After 30 years on death row, Timothy Foster is back in Rome, Georgia, for a new trial. The facts of the case haven’t changed, but Georgia law and public opinion have shifted since the 80s.

Georgia v. Foster: Episode 3

In 2006, Foster’s lawyers stumble across a “smoking gun.” Copies of the prosecutors’ notes. That discovery catches the eye of the nation’s highest court, raising Foster’s case to the national stage.

Georgia v. Foster: Episode 2

Jury selection begins. Attorneys on both sides battle over twelve people to decide Timothy Foster’s fate. But final picks suggest prosecutors aren’t playing by the rules.

Georgia v. Foster: Episode 1

In 1986, police find an elderly Rome, Georgia, woman murdered in her home. A manhunt for her killer begins. But a recent Supreme Court ruling and a history of racism complicate the case.