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Seth’s Spins: Modern Vampires in the Studio

Host Seth Chambliss starts off season four with special guest Ben Samuels, talking about Vampire Weekend, Tyler the Creator, Hippo Campus and, to shake it up, Wes Anderson.

Bursting the Bubble: Introducing New Hosts

Welcome back to Bursting the Bubble! Season 2 brings three new hosts: Raquel Luna, Cydney Maddox, and Jose Reyes. The three unpack their hopes and dreams for the podcast’s upcoming season.

Bursting the Bubble: Looking back on the year

Tasha and Orlin look back on the first year of Bursting the Bubble and introduce the new hosts for next year.

Bursting the Bubble: Self-Expression Part II: Personal Style

This special episode features various Berry College students describing their personal style in relation to self-expression. They detail what their styles say about them and why they believe self-expression is essential.

Be Afraid

Every society has stories that are passed down from generation to generation. One type that always seems to be a popular choice are urban legends. These cautionary tales normally deal with horrific things that encourage the listener to shy away from doing something similar or else they could suffer the same fate as those in the stories. But what’s so interesting about these stories? Why do we keep telling urban legends? Welcome to a new podcast called Be Afraid.

Seth’s Spins: The Fleetwood Mac Episode

Seth Chambliss invites Annabelle Norton onto the podcast to discuss Fleetwood Mac, fan culture, and women in music.

Martha’a Mysteries: Death in the Sky Part 3

The mystery finally comes to a close as the plane lands in Seattle.

Bursting the Bubble: Women in Stem

In this takeover episode, three Berry College Students: Sebal Abdulla, Jasmine Hollender, and Harsimran Singh share their experiences as women in the STEM fields. This episode features a special guest, Dr. Thema Monroe-White, who also gives her insight into her experiences as a student and professional in the STEM fields.

Martha’s Mysteries: Death in the Sky Part 2

Mia and Drew find out that some old grudges die hard and are forced to work under a closing time constraint.

Seth’s Spins: Midwest Music & Underground Tunes

Seth Chambliss invites Brayden Kimbrough to discuss bands such as Built to Spill, Pavement, Modest Mouse, Sunny Day Real Estate and more!