Tag: Trying Our Best

Pseudo Christmas Cosplay

It’s a very merry Christmas cosplay sequel and the Trying Our Best girls pick some unique holiday characters to transform into!

Trying Our Best: Crafts!

The TOB girls unearth some childhood memories while doing silly arts n’ crafts.

Trying Our Best: Trinkets and Ibuprofen

Once again, the TOB girls are ringing in a new season with a new host and a What’s In My Bag haul.

Trying Our Best: Exit Exam

Special guest star Dr. Curt Hersey gives Zoe her college filmmaking exit exam. Anna unfortunately must also participate.

Trying Our Best | Pickleball

Hosts Anna and Zoe take their antics out of the studio and to the pickleball court, where coaches Noah and Mary Banks teach them how to play one of Berry’s most beloved sports. You won’t want to miss this!

Trying Our Best | What’s in My Bag?

For the season premiere of Trying Our Best, we meet the show’s new host, Anna Rich! Our hosts, Zoe and Anna, show us what’s in their bags for the first month of school.