The Carrier’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Elisabeth Martin, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor


Life at Berry College can seem daunting to many new students, but the latest survival guide to navigating the campus is now close at hand! 

The Carrier staff developed a list of some of the unofficial rules for life on campus. Following these simple rules will save you from months of mess-ups and strange looks from your peers. 

You’re welcome!

There are all kinds of rules about using the sidewalks, whether you’re walking or riding a bike:
minibike▶ When wearing a bicycle helmet on campus, you will notice you are the only one since others have decided against safety. 

▶ While biking behind someone, warn them that you are approaching.
    Tip! Yell “I’m behind you!” or “On your left!” 

▶ Do not walk in the middle of the sidewalk. Other people need half of the sidewalk to get past you.


When driving or walking on campus, keep these things in mind: 

▶ Pedestrians and cyclists always have the right of way. You will hear stories about people being hit by cars while walking or riding their bikes. Don’t be that driver! 

▶ Get a bike lock. People will “borrow” your bike if you leave it unlocked. You’ll probably be able to find it, but you should save yourself the trouble. 

blue bike

▶ Bad weather? Don’t hesitate to ask for a ride from someone driving by. If you have a car, ask others if they would like a ride, especially on the road from Main Campus to Ford.
    Tip! Put a shower cap on your bicycle seat in case of rain. 

▶ The parking spaces behind Krannert are Faculty/Staff. Only park in them after 5:30 p.m. on weekdays.
    Tip! Park in 30 minutes or less spaces to avoid a ticket (only for 30 minutes or less). 

▶ Do not park behind McAllister in the mornings unless you want to be late for class. Parking behind the Cage Center saves time. 

▶ Go slowly over the speed bump located on Mountain Campus at the end of stretch road. That bump could seriously mess up your car if you’re going too fast. 

▶ Treat the Morton & Lemley roundabout as a one way.
    Tip! Enter on the right and exit on the left.


To make your life easier, do these things: 

▶ Use the elevator in McAllister. Do not be ashamed, the three flights of stairs can be exhausting. 

▶ Be prepared for fire alarms. They can go off at any time for any reason, especially if you live in Dana.

we are number two HEY

▶ Carry a water bottle or thermos. There are water fountains in every building and you can refill anytime. This will be a lot less expensive and more eco-friendly than buying plastic ones every day. 

▶ Use Memorial Library’s back computer lab for trustworthy printers. The computers take longer to start up, but you can always count on them to be connected and online. 

▶ Use headphones when listening to music on your phone. Your playlist can disturb others and disrupt classes. It does not matter how *fire* your mixtape is.
    Tip! If you do not wear your headphones when walking to class, everyone will talk to you. This is a beautiful aspect of attending Berry, but if you are more shy, stick to headphones.


In the dining hall, you should know a few things: 

those guys from beauty and the beast

▶ Use the toaster, panini and waffle press in the Dining Hall in a timely manner. 

▶ Be aware: If you drop a plate or cup in the Dining Hall, people will applaud you (and draw a lot of attention to it.) Just laugh and pick it up!



In order to stay friends with the people in your dorm, remember these tips: 

▶ Put a timer on your laundry. Living in a dorm means that other people also need the washer and dryer. Be considerate! If you leave your laundry in the machines too long, other people will move it for you.
    Tip! Set a reminder on your phone so you do not forget. 

something I will never be able to afford

▶ If you have to move laundry, kindly put it on a rack or shelf for the forgetful person. Please do not put laundry on the floor. 

▶ If somebody in the bathroom is playing music while they are in the shower, do not play your music over theirs. This is how feuds begin. 

▶ All showers are a little bit different. Test each shower on your floor and pick your favorite for a more pleasant community bathroom experience.


To avoid the stink eye in class, take note: 


▶ Do not use your phone during class. If you do, professors will notice and hold it against you for the rest of the semester. Showing them your undivided attention is a good way to show respect. 

▶ Do not bring your on-the-go meal to class. Find time in your schedule to eat before class so there is not a distraction. Nobody wants to hear your crunching! 


Doing the right things in the library is critical: 


▶ Bring a jacket to the library. Unless you want frostbite, layers will be key to studying here. 

▶ If you want to actually get things done in the library, the quiet section is your best bet. The front part of the library is much more of a social space than a study space. 

▶ Do not bring loud foods into the quiet sections in the library. Eating granola bars or other foods with crinkly wrappers will grant you dirty looks from your fellow classmates. 


If you find yourself struggling to adjust to life at Berry, remember that there is an entire community here to help you. If you need help, you can always contact your Resident Assistant, professors, advisor, or the counselors at the Counseling Center.

Campus Translations

Dining Hall = DHall 

Viking Court = VHall (food court with Chick-fil-A, Miso and Subway) 

Memorial Library = Club Lib

McAllister Hall = Mac

Morton & Lemley = Molem

Audrey B. Morgan Residence Hall = Morgan

Morgan & Deerfield Hall = Mofield

A room with glass walls located in the library = Sandbox

A room with glass walls located in Morgan = Jewelbox

Mountain Campus = Mountain

3 mile road to Mountain Campus = Stretch

Reservoir = The Res

House o’ Dreams = The House

Martha Berry Museum = Oak Hill Museum

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