Tag: Feature

Un-Luckie: The Road To Recovery

Michael Luckie, a Berry College sophomore football player, experiences his hardest season yet and overcomes three surgical injury setbacks.

The Walk-On Diaries Podcast Show: Episode 16

The gang returns from holiday break and discusses best lazy day activities, college basketball, Phillip’s Jokes, The Mandalorian, Rise of Skywalker, and much more!

Future Spires Resident Preparations

As future residents of The Spires at Berry College prepare for their nearly completed home, they consider their relationship to Berry students.

Origami Club

The origami club at berry college serves as a unique way for students to not only relieve stress, but to form new relationships with peers and professors.

27,000 Acres

Berry has one of the largest contiguous campuses in the world, but how does the Berry community interact with it on a daily basis? New plans are in the works to develop this land in order to increase that interaction.

Cage Center Fitness Classes

Fitness classes available to students at the Cage Center.

Textbook Types and Popularity

Online textbooks are becoming more prominent in college courses but literary experts say printed texts are the most effective way to learn.

Berry Coffee Culture

How coffee enthusiasts at Berry College come together to create a community.

A Story of Perseverance

Rob Mbenoun was seven years old when his love for basketball began.

Participation in Music Ensembles

Personal stories of non-music majors participating in Berry music ensembles.