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Commuters during COVID

Berry commuters struggle to engage due to COVID restrictions.

Nursing Simulator

Nursing Program faces challenges during COVID

The era of the COVID pandemic has impacted many of the programs here at Berry, but there was special concern with the nursing students who complete their clinical hours with local hospitals.

Women’s basketball plan for new season

Despite the pandemic, players prepare for January competition.

Residence life in 2020

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, Residence Life had to rearrange housing in an unusual way this year to properly accommodate all students.

Exploring the monuments of Rome

Reporters Grace Snell and Madi Rowe make note of the many monuments around the city of Rome.

Senseless Consensus- Shelby Newland

Matt and Phillip welcome improv extraordinaire Shelby Newland with eggs, Australia and Hominy.

Bursting the Bubble: Dating at Berry Part One

On this episode Tasha talks to three of her friends: Journey, Noah and Raquel about dating culture at Berry College. They talk about hook up culture, subcultures and the infamous “ring by spring”.

Martha’s Mysteries: Walking Into Trouble: Part Two

Mia and Drew uncover another murder that happened in the inn years before, and more suspects are questioned.

The 2020 Freshman Experience: Mental Health

In the final installment of our series on the 2020 Freshman Experience, we asked Berry students and staff about the affects of COVID-19 restrictions on mental health this year.