Getting into the Spooky Spirit

Elisabeth Martin, Campus Carrier Features Editor

Jamison Guice, Campus Carrier Asst. Features Editor

This year, Halloween falls on a Wednesday, so Berry students will have to find time to celebrate between classes and studying. However, personal traditions can become a sort of routine that can help this holiday be fun amid the stress and exams. These personal traditions vary widely from student to student.

Freshman Danielle Newton’s door is fully decorated for Halloween.
Halloween stickers decorate Newton’s window.  Photos by Jamison Guice |Campus Carrier












Freshman Danielle Newton, a self-proclaimed Halloween enthusiast, said she will wear her costume all day on Halloween.

“Me and my friends were planning on wearing capes and riding our bikes around campus,” Newton said.

She may also add to the costume as Halloween approaches.

“[The cape] is for fun, people will smile and be happy about it,” Newton said. “It is always good to make people happy.”

Newton plans on spending the later part of the day with her friends, watching horror movies.



Freshman Taylor Corley’s window is decorated like a graveyard for Halloween. Photo courtesy of Taylor Corley

Freshman Taylor Corley said that her family always decorated their house to look haunted for Halloween. On the first week of October, Corley’s family would buy scary decorations and would turn the house’s front yard into a graveyard.


“I even decorated my dorm room this year,” Corley said. “My window is a gravesite. It has tombstones and skeletons and blood dripping from the window!”

True to the Halloween spirit, Corley said the realistic decorations gave her roommate a
scare when she first saw them.



t swifty
Sophomores Sascha Stryker and Hannah Eddins wear Taylor Swift-inspired costumes. Photo courtesy of Sascha Stryker.

Sophomore Sascha Stryker said that her Halloween plans consist of attending the Winshape Halloween party with her friends.


“Last year, we dressed up as all of the ‘old Taylors’ because Taylor Swift had just released her video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’” Stryker said.

Stryker and her friends won the Winshape Halloween costume contest last year. However, she and her friends do not know how they will be able to come up with an even better costume to wear this year.






Freshman Claudia Evans wears a Little Red Riding Hood costume.
Even the whiteboard on Evans’ dorm room door is on theme for Halloween. Photos by Jamison Guice | Campus Carrier











“I have not exactly established my traditions at Berry yet,” freshman Claudia Evans said.

Since Evans’s family tradition of trick-or-treating is not available, she is looking forward to Scary Berry, the a haunted hayride, and the Halloween dance.

“I am excited for the Halloween dance since I am not much of a partier,” Evans said.

To further celebrate Halloween, Evans said she will be dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood to enter in the Winshape costume contest.



Senior Chelsea Prince plans on spending Halloween with her family, since she commutes from Summerville. She said that the long drive to campus can become expensive when driving back and forth to spend time with friends.

“I plan on watching scary movies and carving pumpkins,” Prince said.

Carving pumpkins is Prince’s family tradition and being able to participate in this tradition every year is one of the benefits of being a commuter.

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