Residence Life launches new website for housing selection

Kelsee Brady, Campus Carrier Staff Writer

The new housing website, eRezLife, will be the official housing website that students will use this March. Above is a screenshot of what the home page for students will look like.

During the week of April 15 through 17, Berry students across campus will use the newly renovated Residence Life Housing website. Stephen Swieton, assistant director of Residence Life, said that the new system will create changes.

“It’ll look a little different,” Swieton said. “The floor plans are still available for you to look at….but instead of you clicking on the bedroom to see what’s going, now you’re going to actually just see a list of the room spaces.”

According to Swieton, Simple Campus Housing used to operate Berry College’s housing website, but was bought out by eRezLife in fall 2018.

“This fall, we made the final conversion from Simple Campus Housing over to the eRezLife platform,” Swieton said.

Along with the website and selection process changes, the application will also have minor changes.

“The big difference for the on-campus application is that for anybody who is requesting a housing accommodation, instead of that being a separate form, it’s in the actual housing application,” Swieton said.

Residence Life has already encountered problems with the new URL that Swieton said can be easily solved.

“If you’ve ever signed into the old system, the old system was https:// before the housing.berry, and the new system is not https://, it’s just http,” Swieton said. “So if you have it already in your browser history as https, it is going to give you an error page.”

The housing application is now live, and available for completion at

More information about the new system will be coming soon according to Swieton.

“We will have videos that we are going to make with some of our student staff to show people how to do the application, but also how to do the actual room selection,” Swieton said.

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