Campus Carrier wins first place in general excellence

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L-R: Juniors Caroline Jennings, Cassie LaJeunesse and Claire Volatarel, freshman Kelsee Brady and junior Joshua Mabry, all Carrier staff members, display The Carrier’s awards at the GCPA Press Institute on Friday. Kevin Kleine | Campus Carrier

The Campus Carrier received awards in 12 categories of the Georgia College Press Association’s 2018 Better Newspaper Contest. Among The Carrier’s top accolades was a first-place recognition in the general excellence category for its division.

Junior Cassie LaJeunesse, who serves as editor-in-chief of The Campus Carrier, was one of five student staff members to attend the GCPA Press Institute at the University of Georgia in Athens on Friday.

“Winning awards like these is truly a team effort,” LaJeunesse said. “It is an honor to work with such a talented team. Everyone on staff at The Carrier is so dedicated, not just to the paper, but to serving the Berry community through journalism.”

Junior Claire Voltarel, managing editor for The Carrier, also attended the Press Institute and awards ceremony on Friday and echoed LaJeunesse’s praise for their staff.

“I couldn’t ask for a better team,” Voltarel said. “Each member works so hard and brings a fresh perspective to our paper. It feels great to be recognized for our countless interviews and late production nights.”

Along with the awards, LaJeunesse and Voltarel plan to take the positive feedback and constructive advice from the GCPA judges and implement them into future Carrier editions.

“Even after receiving 12 awards, The Carrier is still looking for ways to improve,” Voltarel said.


Carrier Staff Awards

• First place – General Excellence

• First place – Best Campus Community Service – Editorial

• First place – Best Campus Community Service – Sports

• First place – General Advertising Excellence

• First place – Improvement Award

• Second place – Best Website (Viking Fusion)

• Second place – General Layout and Design Excellence

• Third place – Best Campus Community Service – Features

Individual Awards

• First place – Best Photo Essay – Bailey Albertson and Katie Sweeney

• Second place – Best Review – Jameson Filston

• Third place – Best Editorial or Feature Photograph – Alex Hodges

• Third place – Best Feature Story – Elisabeth Martin and Jamison Guice

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