Honeymoon Bakery joins Mountain Day festivities

Brooke Cobb, Campus Carrier staff writer

The cupcakes are available in white and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Some have a “B,” while others say “Berry.” Brooke Cobb | Campus Carrier

Honeymoon Bakery, located on Broad Street, is taking part in the Mountain Day celebrations. In past years, the bakery has offered cookies with Martha Berry’s photo on them during Mountain Day weekend. Those cookies will be back this year and are now accompanied by “Martha” cupcakes. 

These cupcakes are available in white and chocolate cake and are decorated with vanilla buttercream and blue sprinkles. Some of the cupcakes have a “B” on top, while others have “Berry.” The icing and sprinkle colors were requested by the Berry College Alumni Office, according to Kate White, Honeymoon wedding consultant and decorator. 

Martha cupcakes are available for purchase at Honeymoon Bakery until Oct. 5. This collaboration is being used to promote #CupcakesforMartha, which was started last year as a way to celebrate Martha Berry and her birthday. 

“This is our way of not only honoring and celebrating our founder, but also spreading the word about Mountain Day and its meaning to our school,” sophomore Alumni Office Student Worker Bethany Parker said. 

Individuals who purchase a t-shirt on Mountain Day will receive a mini Martha cupcake as a “thank you.” Students, faculty and alumni are encouraged to post a photo with their cupcakes using the hashtag #CupcakesforMartha as a way to celebrate the special day. 

This is the first year Honeymoon Bakery is offering Martha cupcakes to promote Mountain Day, but not their first time creating themed items. In the past, the bakery has offered items decorated to celebrate holidays, local high school and college graduations and other events such as Harry Potter’s birthday . White said that decorator Brenna Horton has been with the bakery for over 10 years and always keeps up with important events and days that could be used when decorating. 

Berry and Honeymoon Bakery have a relationship that has been formed over more than 12 years of operating in the same community. 

“We employ Berry students sometimes, and alumni, and we’ve done hundreds of weddings at the college,” White said. 

Retail manager Bess Graham said that the Student Enterprises’ blue hen eggs are used in the breakfast items offered daily at the bakery. 

Another way that Honeymoon and Berry work together is through the Student Government Association’s baked goods delivery service. SGA has an online form for parents and others to purchase goodies and have them sent to their student. The sweets are picked up from the bakery by SGA and delivered to students. 

“They pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have all different options they can choose from,” Graham said. 

The relationship between the school and the bakery is tethered through many different organizations. This #CupcakesforMartha campaign is only adding to the many ways in which they work together. 

Although Honeymoon’s Martha cupcakes are only offered on Berry’s campus on Mountain Day, the Alumni Office will have mini cupcakes made by Jorie Cakes during the week leading up to Mountain Day. These cupcakes will also be given as a “thank you” for purchasing a t-shirt in Krannert throughout the week. 

This week, students, faculty and alumni are encouraged to take a photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #CupcakesforMartha. 

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