Calling All Spirits: The Chilling Stories of Campus Ghosts

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The Green Lady 

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A cloud of fog set off motion detection sensors set up near the bridge on Stretch Road.  Photo Courtesy of George Gallagher

The Green Lady, a common ghost story on campus, has allegedly haunted the campus for decades. There is a lot of mystery surrounding her origin. Many rumored sightings claim that her ghost can be found on Stretch Road at night, but the accounts differ from person to person. 

Junior Madi Smith has heard two versions of the story. She said the unknown woman was either hit by her boyfriend’s car or she drowned in the creek beneath the bridge located along the road. 

According to Smith, traveling down the road when it is dark can be scary. Over the summer, she worked a night-shift job which required her to drive during the early morning hours. 

“Sometimes the cops would be out there and it’ll be like ‘alright, we’re safe,’ but then there’ll be nobody out there and you really feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere,” Smith said. 

Senior Savannah Shooter said she has only heard one account of 

the story. She said the ghost belongs to a past student who was fighting with her boyfriend while they were driving along Stretch at night. Because of the fight, the girl asked to be let out of the car and began walking. 

“She is out of the car,” Shooter said. “So, I guess he feels guilty and turns around. It’s super foggy and he runs her over.” 

She said, according to rumors, a student can see the Green Lady driving at night on Stretch Road if they say her name three times. Her ghost will appear in the vehicle’s rear view mirror, Shooter said. 

In the article “Haunted History and Ghosts of Rome,” Nic Diaz named a specific student who died in 1988, Lindsay Elizabeth Will, as the possible Green Lady. 

Diaz said Will was biking on Stretch Road with her boyfriend. He said the two had an argument and parted ways to calm down. So, her boyfriend biked ahead of her. After a while, he turned back around and they collided, which resulted in Will suffering from a fatal head injury.

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The Ghost of East and West Mary 

Stairs under the Ford archway lead to the locked room. Madison Morris | Campus Carrier

East and West Mary residence halls may house more than just students, according to campus rumors. A woman who hung herself in the tower located between the halls is said to haunt the building. 

Smith said that she heard the woman is a past student who died of suicide after learning of her boyfriend’s death in World War II. Her body was not found until a few days later, according to Smith. She said she has only gone up to the room during daytime hours, but that the room is exceptionally cold. 

“Occasionally, if you go up there at really odd hours in the night you’re supposed to hear screaming in there,” Smith said. 

Not just known to students, the tale of the Mary ghost has spread to faculty members. George Gallagher, D.ana professor of animal science, also said the ghost originates from a past student’s death. 

“I’m not sure where it is but it used to be a dorm room,” Gallagher said. “The rumor was that someone committed suicide there.” 

He said there are different versions of the story. According to Gallagher, the room where the supposed death took place is now locked and no one is supposed to go in there.

Roosevelt Cabin 

Lights are said to flicker on and off in one of the upstairs windows of the Roosevelt Cabin. Andrea Hill | Campus Carrier

Lifelong resident of Berry College, Operations Manager of the Student Enterprises Milton Chambers has his own personal ghost stories that he experienced during his childhood at Berry. 

“I personally think that Roosevelt is haunted,” Chambers said. “I used to be scared to death to walk by Roosevelt at night.” 

According to, Roosevelt Cabin was built shortly after the school began in 1902. It was originally intended to be a guest house; however, Martha Berry lived in the cabin until 1907. The website said the cabin was named for former President Theodore Roosevelt after a luncheon at the cabin in 1910. 

Chambers said that an upper-floor window would occasionally light up when he walked past at night. 

“There was a light on.” Chambers said. “In the upstairs, there’s a window that is in the eave of the roof. Sometimes the light was on, and sometimes it wasn’t.” 

Of the many ghost stories that Chambers has heard, the Roosevelt Cabin ghost gave him the most worries. 

“That’s the one that always freaked me out,” Chambers said. “I would stay at the gym until 10 or 11 o’clock at night then try to walk home, and I would have to walk past it. Everytime I would end up running past it.” 

Martha Berry’s Ghost 

The Hoge Building is where Martha Berry’s ghost is said to haunt. Andrea Hill | Campus Carrier

As founder of the college, Martha Berry’s spirit is said to linger on campus. Literally or not, one place in particular that she is believed to haunt is the Hoge Building. 

Built in 1905, Hoge contains many office spaces. According to, where information on a specific building can be found under the map tab, one specific room was originally Martha Berry’s office, which has been converted into a museum. 

According to senior Shelby Koch, the most common story associated with the building is when a professor was working late at night in one of the offices with her young daughter. 

“She heard her daughter talking to somebody and she goes out there and there’s no one in the hall.” Koch said. “She’s like ‘who were you talking to?’ and her daughter goes ‘there was a nice lady with cold hands.’” 

She said the professor and her daughter were in Krannert a few days later when the daughter suddenly looked at a picture of Martha Berry. 

“The girl stops and says ‘Mommy! Mommy! That’s the lady I saw,’” Koch said. 

The ghost in Hoge Building has moved beyond just interacting with children, some accounts say the ghost interacts with solid objects within the rooms. 

Chambers said he has heard many stories regarding the building. 

“The music department was in Hoge, and in the upstairs part, they had studios that they would let individual students use, and they could put their own padlock on the door,” Chambers said. 

Students reported having their things moved around in the studios. He said students also recalled hearing other people in the building when they knew no one else was inside. According to Chambers, a student even reported finding a cigar in a studio. 

“They would hear things going on in other rooms when they knew there wasn’t someone in there,” Chambers said. “They would know that nobody else was in there because the doors were locked.” 

Chambers also suggested that the ghost was Martha due to the location of her office on the third floor. 

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