Governor’s Honors Program reworks interview day

Gabe Smith, Campus Carrier staff writer

This Saturday, Berry will host interviews for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) for the fourth year. About 225 GHP students and parents already came to campus last Saturday to complete interviews in the music subject area. Interviews in all other subject areas will be completed this weekend and are expected to bring about 4,000 total additional people to campus. 

Students selected for GHP interviews represent some of the most talented students in the state, according to Director of Hospitality and Event Services, Casee Gilbert, who oversees Berry’s hosting of the program. Students who are approved for the GHP program will return to campus this summer to attend their classes. 

“We’ll have over 1,400 students that are considered semifinalists and are normally sophomores and juniors, identified by their schools and counties as the brightest and most talented in their schools,” said Gilbert. “They then went through a district or county level application process, and their applications were scored by judges, and then, from those, they invited these 1,400 students to come interview on Saturday.” 

In a departure from previous years, interviews have already been completed in one subject area, music. Because of this, fewer people will be on campus for interviewsat one time, potentially reducing traffic. 

“Typically, all the content areas come on the same day, but we hosted all the music interviews last weekend, due to the fact that there is a state-level high school vocal competition this weekend,” Gilbert said. 

Gilbert is helping to coordinate a large and diverse group of students, faculty, and staff in order to provide assistance to prospective GHP students on interview day, including Berry head residents, housekeeping staff, Campus Security, the Student Activities Office and over 108 other student volunteers. While the police manage traffic, parking and access to buildings, head residents will work as “building managers,” coordinating other volunteers within each area of campus. Delaney Lutjens, the upcoming Head Resident at Ford, said that head residents’ primary roles on interview day will be coordination and facilitation within each of their respective areas. 

“What we’re doing as head residents is mostly facilitating, or helping to facilitate, GHP day,” Lutjens said. “Each head resident gets assigned a building, where people competing in GHP will be taken, and we’re basically in charge of that set of volunteers that bring the students from Krannert to whatever building we’re in – it could be Green, it could be the Cage, anything like that – and then we’re in charge of making sure that check-in goes well for them once they’re there, that they get to the rooms they need to be in for interviews, that parents can tag along with their children as much as they’d like to.” 

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