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Bananas are the superior fruit and my mind cannot be changed. Bananas are cheap, have a variety of uses and be eaten at various life stages, not just when they are ripe. Their versatility gives bananas a dynamic nature that, for example, grapes do not have. 

Because of bananas’ cheap price, they tend to be accessible and easy to buy in bulk. According to thecounter.org, the average price of bananas in the United States is about 0.57 cents a pound. Just think of what all you can buy! Also, as a college student, I am constantly looking for healthy and cheap options, so bananas are always a smart choice for me. I am able to buy a week’s worth of on-the-go breakfast snacks for less than five dollars. 

Bananas can also be prepared and cooked many different ways that can give them a new taste and experience. Just eating other foods regularly can result in a person becoming tired of them, however, you have the opportunity to mix it up with bananas. For example, one easy snack is cutting the banana lengthwise and then putting peanut butter and jelly in between the two long pieces. So, the result is similar to a banana split, except PB & J style. 

Another alternative to just eating a plain banana is making a smoothie. Banana smoothies are simple and quick to make. Depending on the ingredients you choose to throw into the blender, the banana does not have to be the dominating flavor. It could be strawberries, peanut butter, chocolate, blueberries or a combination of flavors. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. 

Are the bananas no longer ripe? Are brown spots dotting the previously bright yellow skin? Well, don’t throw them away, because they can still be of good use. Banana bread is a commonly used recipe for old bananas and my favorite recipe can be found at simplyrecipes.com because it even comes with a video. However, some other options besides banana bread include banana pudding, banana bread doughnuts, banana brownies and pound cake. 

Unlike other fruits such as grapes, apples or oranges which become soft and inedible after their expiration, bananas are superior because their versatility and longer lifespan is much greater when compared to other foods. Not only do they have a longer shelf-life, they simply taste better the longer they are past ripeness. If you are a college student buying foods on a budget and looking to get more bang for your buck, bananas are the perfect choice. 

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